April 24-28

  Hall 27, C66
  Exhibition Grounds
  Hannover, Germany

Hydrogen + Fuel Cells NORTH AMERICA at SOLARPOWER International
Information Flyer 2017: Facts & Figures

The international meeting point of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell community in the USA!
The organizers of the Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries at HANNOVER MESSE announce their expansion to North America. After 23 years of experience with Europe's largest trade fair for hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries, it is now the time to move to the USA.
Facts about SOLARPOWER International 2017
  • 650 international exhibitors
  • 18,000 attendees from 80+ countries
  • Further energy solutions connecting the solar industry
       ESI Energy Storage International (115 exhibitors)
       Smart Energy Microgrid Pavilion (32 exhibitors)
  • Several networking opportunities daily
  • Extensive media coverage
  • Wide and global marketing activities
  • Top ranking keynote speakers
Comprehensive exhibition topics
  • Hydrogen generation, storage and transportation
  • Fuel Cell systems and applications:
       Stationary, automotive, mobile, special markets
  • Components and supplying technology
  • Fuel Cell testing

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Test Drive Partner

Test Drive Partner http://www.toyota-global.com/ https://www.hyundai.com/worldwide/en http://www.honda.com/

Exhibitors of Hydrogen + Fuel Cells NORTH AMERICA

http://www.andreas-hofer.de http://www.borit.be/ http://www.weh.us/ http://www.inabata.com/ http://www.itm-power.com/ http://www.rixindustries.com/ http://www.hydropac.com/ http://www.pdcmachines.com/ http://www.odasco.com/ http://www.haskel.com/ http://www.graebener.us/ http://www.nelhydrogen.com/ http://www.impactcoatings.com/ http://www.novaswiss.ch/ http://www.takaishi-ind.co.jp/english/ http://www.welcon.co.jp/ http://www.hexagon.no/ http://www.hydrogen-pro.com/ http://www.ginerinc.com/ http://www.aperam.com/ http://www.safcell.com https://www.hyetgroup.com/ http://www.intertek.com/canada/ http://www.ballard.com/ http://www.hydrogenics.com/ http://www.sono-tek.com/ http://www.protononsite.com/

Supporting Partner

Supporting Partner http://www.dwv-info.de/ http://www.now-gmbh.de/en http://www.fuelcellcorridor.com/ http://www.iahe.org/ http://www.chfca.ca/ https://www.californiahydrogen.org/ https://www.ccat.us/ http://chfcc.org/ http://neesc.org/ http://cafcp.org/

Selection of SPI 2017 Exhibitors