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GROUP EXHIBIT H2+FC 2007 Exhibitors 2007
Alvatec Production and Sales GesmbH
Althofen, Austria
First time! 2007
Number of employees: 10
General Email address: sales@alvatec.com
Company Interests:
ALVATEC is a high-tech metallurgical company specializing in the processing of alkali and alkali earth metals, vacuum- and hydrogen technology. ALVATEC has developed high performing getters for the vacuum insulation of automotive LH2 tanks and liquid hydrogen tubes and an innovative alkali hydrogen generator for PEM fuel cells.
News at HANNOVER MESSE 2007:
ALVATEC showed its first prototypes of the alkali hydrogen generator for PEM fuel cells. The generation of hydrogen is based on a chemical reaction of water with newly developed alloys, containing at least one alkali metal. The alloy is completely dissolved in water without any catalyst and offers very high energy densities. ALVATEC has started cooperation with fuel cell companies and scientific institutions to develop fuel cell platforms and portable chargers for electronic devices. Jointly developed portable charger prototypes were also presented at the Hannover Messe.
Main activities:
• Hydrogen production
• Hydrogen storage
• Hydrogen transportation
• Micro fuel cells
• Mobile fuel cells
• Peripherals for fuel cells
• Portable fuel cells
From right to left: Dr. Stenitzer, CEO, DI Artur Grossinger, Quality Manager, Dr. Erhard Ogris, Six Sigma Black Belt, Chief Technical Manager and guest
From left to right: Arno A. Evers, founder of the Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, Dr. Stenitzer, CEO, DI Artur Grossinger, Quality Manager, Dr. Erhard Ogris, Six Sigma Black Belt, CTO and guest
From right to left: DI Artur Grossinger, Quality Manager and interested visitor
From left to right: Jimmy Huang, Manager of TJ Highland and DI Artur Grossinger, Quality Manager
From left to right: Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Stolle, Fraunhofer IZM and guests
Forum Presentation:

Dr. Erhard Ogris, CTO

ALVATEC Hydrogen Generator
for PEM Fuel Cells

Monday, April 16, 1:20 pm


The new Alvatec System, which produces / generates hydrogen gas for portable PEM fuel cell applications, was presented. Its advantages and market potential were also discussed.
Booth No. F40/5


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