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Hannover Messe

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GROUP EXHIBIT H2+FC 2007 Exhibitors 2007
H2BZ Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Initiative Hessen e.V.
Wiesbaden, Germany
Years of Participation:
2004, '05, '06
Alfred Stein (middle), Managing Director
At the booth: Alfred Stein (middle), Managing Director, with guests
Alfred Stein (right), Managing Director, explains, what projects was made and would be promoted
From left to right: Visitors with Alfred Stein, Managing Director
From left to right: Alfred Stein, Managing Director, Lothar Miller, Executive Vice President, Nano Found Inc.
From left to right: Alfred Stein, Managing Director and Lothar Milller, Executive Vice President of Nano Found Inc.
Forum Presentation:

Alfred J. Stein,
Managing Director

5 Years Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Initiative Hesse

Wednesday, April 18, 3:40 pm

Booth No. E10/1


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