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Hannover Messe

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GROUP EXHIBIT H2+FC 2007 Exhibitors 2007
Starnberg, Germany
Years of Participation:
1998, '99, '00, '01, '03, '04, '05, '06
Number of employees: 30
General Email address: info@proton-motor.de
Company Interests:
Manufacturing of fuel cells and fuel cell systems for industrial applications, particularly hybrid systems for commercial vehicles.
Achievements, news in 2006/07: New application contracts started for fuel cell driven passenger ship, city bus (12m), and for utility vehicle. New company position achieved after IPO at London Stock Exchange under the umbrella of the UK based Proton Power Systems plc.
Exhibits: PM Basic A 50: 50 kW fuel cell system as used in buses e. g.;
PM Basic A 10: 10 kW fuel cell system, e.g. for hybrid fork lift trucks.

Booth overview

From left to right: Felix Heidelberg, CEO with a guest
At the booth: Nicole Pirkl, Marketing/Sales, in front of a fuel cell for mobile devices
At the booth: Dr. Jürgen Kraft and Nicole Pirkl, Marketing/Sales with guests
Exhibit: Fuel cell for mobile devices
From middle to right: Benedikt Eska, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Jürgen Kraft
From left to right: Interested visitor with COO Benedikt Eska and Dr. Jürgen Kraft
Forum Presentation:

Dr. Joachim Kroemer, Head of Sales

Proton Motor now as a Member of Proton Power Systems plc Group strengthens the position as supplier of industrial fuel cell products.

Tuesday, April 17, 1:40 pm


After the IPO of Proton Motor’s parent company, Proton Power Systems plc, PM expands and focuses the business activities for industrial fuel cells and extend the network of partners.
Booth No. G20/1


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