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GROUP EXHIBIT H2+FC 2007 Exhibitors 2007
National Innovation Company New Energy Projects (NIC NEP)
Moscow, Russia
Number of employees: Over 100
General Email address: info@nic-nep.ru
Company Interests:
Development, manufacture, commercialization and sales of hydrogen-based technologies. Main product line: stationary power plants (cogeneration power plants, integrated on the basis of hydrogen fuel cells, on-site and back-up, uninterrupted power systems), portable power units, different types of fuel cells, fuel processors, super capacitors and other key components of power systems.
News at HANNOVER MESSE 2007:
High pressure electrolysis module. Compact plasma converter for synthesis-gas production (production rate of m3/h). Back-up cogeneration low-temperature solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell-based power plant NIC NEP-1 with the electric power output 1,5-2,5 kW. Low temperature MEAs and Medium-temperature MEAs. Microchannel reactor-based fuel processor. Hydrogen-air fuel cell-based power sources for mobile phones with aluminum-hydrogen cartridge as the hydrogen source. Hydrogen-air fuel cell-based power source for laptops with aluminum-hydrogen cartridge as the hydrogen source.
Main activities:
• Bi-polar plates
• Chemical Industry with Fuel Cell Components
• Catalysts
• Ceramics
• Coating
• Codes & standards
• Components
• Control systems
• Electrolysers
• Fuel processing
• H2/FC Initiative
• Hydrogen infrastructure
• Hydrogen production
• Hydrogen storage
• Hydrogen transportation
• Media/Press
• Peripherals for Fuel Cells
• Micro fuel cells
• Mobile fuel cells
• Peripherals for fuel cells
• Portable fuel cells
• Reformers
• Research institution
• Stationary fuel cells
• Technical service
• Test systems for fuel cells
• Users of stationary, portable or mobile fuel cell systems
• Utility
Forum Presentation:

Alexei R. Khokhlov, Scientific Director of NIC NEP Project

NIC NEP - FuMATech: a Joint Russian-German Programme in the Development of Membrane Electrode Assemblies

Monday, April 16, 4:40 pm



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