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Hannover Messe

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Exhibitors 2008 FuelCon AG
FuelCon AG
Magdeburg-Barleben, Germany
  Years of Participation:
2002, '03, '04, '05,
'06, '07

Booth No.

Main Product/Service: Test and diagnostic systems for fuel cells

 FuelCon AG
From left to right: Graduate Engineer Mathias Bode, Managing Board and Dr. Maria Flachsbarth, Member of the CDU/ CSU Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag

 FuelCon AG
From left to right: Graduate Engineer Mathias Bode, Managing Board and MBA Blair Heffelfinger, Gernal Manager with a vistor
Exhibit: Test and Diagnostic Systems for Fuel Cells

 FuelCon AG
From left to right: Lutz Stratmann, Minister, Ministry for Science and Culture of the German State Niedersachsen, Hannover, Germany and Graduate Engineer Mathias Bode, Managing Board
Exhibit: Test and Diagnostic Systems for Fuel Cells


Website: www.fuelcon.com
General email address: info@FuelCon.com
Number of employees: 40

Company / Institution introduction:
FuelCon is a leading global supplier of test and diagnostic systems for fuel cells, batteries and super capacitors. For years, the FuelCon name is recognized as an owner-managed, independent company with extensive experience in the automation of testing and assembling processes. The engineering “Made in Germany”, the exceptional quality of FuelCon products and dedication to customer service has enabled us to respond to our customer s most challenging requirements. Offices in Europe, North America and Asia ensure customer service at any time.
FuelCon develops and produces test systems for single cells, stacks, system components and complete fuel cell systems as well as customized test stations. The FuelCon Evaluator series of fuel cell test equipment enables testing from 1W up to 150kW for PEM, SOFC, DMFC and MCFC technologies. Together with the FuelCon diagnostic tools and accessories TrueData and TrueXessory, they also allow the testing of batteries and super capacitors. All test stations are designed with PLC and PC that allows you a full automatically, safe and reliable unattended operation. Furthermore, all of our testing stations are equipped with our own appropriate and flexible software FuelWork®.

Areas of interest:
The Evaluator test stations enable the evaluating and optimization of fuel cells and systems as well as the simulation of various requirements for portable, stationary and mobile applications. The diagnostic tools provide valuable additional test options like multi-channel impedance spectroscopy, cyclic voltametry analysis or multi-quadrant operation of the electronic load.

Products / Services on display at HANNOVER MESSE 2008:
FuelCon will exhibit its diagnostic product line TrueData. The core product of this line TrueData-EIS measures the electrochemical impedance of fuel cells and components as well as batteries and super-capacitors in a frequency range from 200µHz up to 100 kHz with a maximum DC current of 1,000 A. Additional tools, shown at the booth, are the electronic DC load modules TrueData-LOAD, the cell voltage monitor TrueData-CVM and the in-situ current density distribution analyser TrueData-CDD. Furthermore, FuelCon shows visitors the Evaluator C50-LT that perfectly meets the specific testing requirements of low temperature fuel cells with a power range up to 600W.
FuelCon presents this year its Multiplex-Module TrueData-MUX. This optional module enables together with the TrueData-EIS the easy to operate, cost-effective multi-channel measurement on single stack cells at currents up to 1.000A. This greatly simplifies the process of generating impedance spectrums of complete fuel cell stacks for and is available with 12, 24 and 36 channels.

Press Releases:
Fraunhofer IKTS inaugurates new test centre with FuelCon test systems (pdf)
Fraunhofer IKTS eröffnet neues Testzentrum mit FuelCon Testsystemen (pdf)


Forum Presentation Date: Thursday, April 24, 2:00 pm
Forum Speaker:
Mathias Bode, Managing Board
Forum Topic: Evaluator test rigs as a basis for current and future diagnostic systems

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