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Hannover Messe

Deutsche Messe AG

Group Exhibit H2+FC 2008 VIPs in the Spotlight

Business delegation from Tunisia and Algeria
supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), InWEnt – Capacity Building International Germany and DECON - Deutsche EnergieConsult

From left to right: Stefanie Eikele and Ulrich Ruwier, CFC Solutions GmbH talking to Prof. Rabeh Kerbachi, Mohamed Derriche and the representatives of the Tunisian and Algerian business delegation.

From left to right: Steen Yde Andersen, IRD Fuel Cells A/S (on the right) demonstrating on of the booth’s exhibits to the delegation

From left to right: Armin Kempf, Euro-Innovation SA (in the grey jacket) explaining to the delegation the production of hydrogen from waste materials.

From left to right: Stephan Wilke, Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH (on the right) giving an overview of Heliocentris’ exhibits and products.

From left to right: Ake Johnson, h-tec Education, Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbH informing about one of the demonstration exhibits.

From left to right: Claude Jean, CEA – Nouvelles Technologies de l’Énergie (on the right) showing the delegation how fuel cell technology works in a vehicle.

From left to right: Hans Ruedi Arnold, IHT Industrie Haute Technologie SA (3rd from right) giving information on the swiss activities in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

From left to right: Gabriele Aicher, Fronius International GmbH, Solar Electronics Division « Fronius Energy Cell » (on the right) giving further information.

From left to right: Eric Dabe, StatoilHydro, Hydrogen Technologies AS (on the right) explaining Statoil Hydro’s model of an Electrolyzer



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