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Exhibitors 2010 McPhy Energy S.A.
McPhy Energy S.A.
La Motte-Fanjas, France
Years of Participation:
First time! 2010

Booth No.
Main Product/Service: Solid-state hydrogen tank
Website: www.mcphy.com

Company / Institution introduction:
McPhy Energy SA develops, designs, manufactures and sells hydrogen storage systems based on metal hydrides. Thanks to a nanostructuration of the material and the addition of proprietary additives, the systems commercialized by McPhy can store at low pressure large quantities of hydrogen on very small foot prints. The modular design of the storages which integrates a Phase Change Material enables loading and unloading with almost no energy loss. The specific tanks developed by McPhy, are therefore totally safe and provide an excellent yield. The existing production line is sized to meet the needs of both customers for renewable energies stationary storage , and on site solid state storage for industrial applications.

Products / Services on display at HANNOVER MESSE 2010:
Large capacity Hydrogen solid stage store systems

McPhy Energy S.A.
From left to right: Adamo Screnci, VP Business Development and Guillaume d'Arche, McPhy Energy Iberica

McPhy Energy S.A.
From right to left: Guillaume d'Arche, McPhy Energy Iberica and Adamo Screnci, VP Business Development with guest

McPhy Energy S.A.
At the booth: Adamo Screnci, VP Business Development (right) with guest

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