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Hannover Messe


Deutsche Messe AG


Exhibitors 2010 NTM Sensors
NTM Sensors
Lewis Center, OH, USA
Years of Participation:
First time! 2010

Booth No.
Main Product/Service: SenseH2TM Hydrogen Sensor
Website: www.ntmsensors.com
General email address: sales@ntmsensors.com

Company / Institution introduction:
NTM Sensors' vision is to be a global supplier of technologically advanced gas sensors. We will achieve this by offering products incorporating the latest in gas sensor innovations. We target applications in emerging energy and environmental markets. By leveraging our innovation, product development and manufacturing talents, we are able to provide robust, cost effective solutions to customers in diverse markets. NTM Sensors is a division of NexTech Materials, Ltd.

Products / Services on display at HANNOVER MESSE 2010:
NTM Sensors is now offering a hydrogen (H2) gas sensor product for use in a range of applications including hydrogen production, PEM fuel cell installations, and hydrogen filling stations. This sensor offers a highly sensitive, selective, and rapid response to the presence of hydrogen in ambient air and is robust to variation in environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and background gas constituents.

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