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Exhibitors 2010 QuinTech e.K.
QuinTech e.K.
Göppingen, Germany
Years of Participation:
2001, '02, '03, '04,
'05, '06, '07, '08,

Booth No.
Main Product/Service: Fuel cells, components, test equipment
Websites: www.quintech.de / www.fuelcell-testsystems.com
General email address: quintech@quintech.de

Company / Institution introduction:
QuinTech is Europe’s biggest trader of fuel cells, fuel cell components and fuel cell test systems. We offer more then 400 products, such as: Fuel cell test systems for DMFC, PEMFC, SOFC, PAFC from 0,1 W up to 300 kW, humidifiers as steamer or bubbler, electronic loads, impedance measurement, multi-voltage measurement, current density measurement, gas monitoring and calibration of different gas and solutions, leak detectors, electrolysers, labor fuels cells and single cells; stacks and automatic pressure cells for PEMFC, DMFC, PAFC, PEM Stacks for prototype work up to 20 kW; components for fuel cells for PEMFC, DMFC and PAFC, accessories such as mass flow controller, back pressure regulator, fittings, heaters, etc.; hydrogen storage. We also offer methanol systems up to 100W and PEM Systems up to 5 kW.

QuinTech e.K.
At the booth: Nicole Seidl, CEO

QuinTech e.K.
Exhibit: Fuel cells, components, test equipment

QuinTech e.K.
At the booth: Nicole Seidl, CEO (right) and a visitor

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