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Hannover Messe

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Group Exhibit H2+FC 2010 Public Forum Program

Public Forum
Located in the Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells in Hall 27, H 60

Subject to change

Listen to over 100 compact interviews with specialists and leaders in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry at the Group Exhibit H2+FC Public Forum. At no extra cost, trade fair visitors can sit in on these informative dialogues from 10:20am till 5pm daily.

Have a look at our Technical Forum with daily Roundtable Discussions, the Job Market and over 50 technical presentations!

Public Forum Program
Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, HANNOVER MESSE 2010, April 19 - 23, Hall 27, H 60
Time Monday,
April 19
April 20
April 21
April 22
April 23
10:00 am -
10:20 am
Brennstoffzellen Initiative Sachsen e.V   Zentro-Elektrik GmbH KG   Preco, Inc.
10:20 am -
10:40 am
Ulmer Brennstoffzellen Manufaktur GmbH   German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association e.V. (DWV) European Hydrogen Association (EHA)  
10:40 am-
11:00 am
MTU Onsite Energy GmbH - Fuel Cell Systems HA Hessen Agentur GmbH - Projekt Brennstoffzelle Freudenberg FCCT KG Snecma,
SAFRAN group
Fuel Cell Forum
11:00 am-
11:20 am
Hydrogenics Corporation Hydrogen Technologies AS     Genport srl
11:20 am-
11:40 am
Initiative Brennstoffzelle (IBZ) NedStack fuel cell technology B.V. FutureE Fuel Cell Solutions GmbH Ballard Power Systems Inc. Borit NV
11:40 am-
12:00 pm
Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH       H2BZ Hessen e.V. Perma Pure LLC
12:00 pm-
12:20 pm
Ballard Power Systems Inc.   Pressekonferenz:

Brennstoffzelle und Batterie - Antriebskonzepte der Zukunft
Bürkert Werke GmbH Bredenoord BV
12:20 pm-
12:40 pm
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited   NOW GmbH  
12:40 pm-
1:00 pm
  Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG Universiti
Teknologi Malaysia
1:00 pm-
1:20 pm
  eZelleron GmbH PowerCell Sweden AB   Impressions of Hannover Group Exhibit 2010
1:20 pm-
1:40 pm
Environment Park S.p.A.   Hydrogenics Corporation Bac2 Ltd.
1:40 pm-
2:00 pm
Moehwald GmbH h-tec
Hydrogen Energy Systems
Serenergy A/S Finnish Pavilion Acta S.p.A.
2:00 pm-
2:20 pm
H2+FC Campaign: Energy in transformation   PLANSEE SE   h-tec
Hydrogen Energy Systems
2:20 pm-
2:40 pm
  Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raum- fahrt e.V. (DLR), ITT Fraunhofer-Institut
für Solare
Energiesysteme ISE
2:40 pm-
3:00 pm
staxera GmbH FuelCon AG Fraunhofer IKTS FZ Jülich GmbH  
3:00 pm-
3:20 pm
SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG Dana Holding Corporation M-FIELD ENERGY LTD.    
3:20 pm-
3:40 pm
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ITM Power plc KNF Neuberger GmbH    
3:40 pm-
4:00 pm
  ZSW Baden-Württemberg Finnish Pavilion  
4:00 pm-
4:20 pm
4:20 pm-
4:40 pm
Fuel Cell Markets Ltd. Gardner Denver Thomas GmbH WS Reformer GmbH Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR  
4:40 pm-
5:00 pm
Vaillant Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH Brennstoffzellen Initiative Sachsen /
TU Freiberg
6:00 pm Networking Evening Networking Evening Farewell-party for
Arno A. Evers
Networking Evening
Networking Evening  

Technical Forum Program

Public Forum Program HANNOVER MESSE 2009



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