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Exhibitors 2011 Bac2 Ltd.
Bac2 Ltd.
Southampton, UK
Years of Participation:
2008, '09, '10

Booth No.

Main Product/Service: Bipolar plates, Electrophen
Website: www.bac2.co.uk
General email address: enquiries@bac2.co.uk
Number of employees: 10

Bac2 Ltd.
From left to right: Brian Witt (Production), Mike Stannard (CEO), Jim Totczyk (Director of Operations)

Bac2 Ltd.

Bac2 Ltd.
Exhibit: Bac2 Screen Printed Conductive Adhesives

Bac2 Ltd.
Exhibit: Bac2 Screen Printed Conductive Adhesives

Company / Institution introduction:
Bac2 is the creator of ElectroPhen®, a conductive polymer. Whilst there are many potential applications, the company is focussing on using ElectroPhen® as a conductive binder in HTPEM, LTPEM and DMFC bipolar plates for fuel cells, both machined and moulded. Bac2 also produces a conductive adhesive from the same material, ElectroPhen®, which is ideal for bonding and sealing bipolar plates.

Products / Services on display at HANNOVER MESSE 2011:
• Examples of machined and moulded ElectroPhen® bipolar plates and adhered plates
• Specification sheets

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