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Exhibitors 2011 h-tec - Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbH
Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbH
Hydrogen Energy Systems

Lübeck, Germany
Years of Participation:
1997, '98, '99, '00,
'02, '03, '04, '05,
'06, '07, '08, '09,

Booth No.

Main Product/Service: PEM electrolyser technology
Website: www.h-tec.com

h-tec Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbH
From right to left: Uwe Küter (CEO) with a visitor

h-tec Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbH
At the booth: Cornelia Voigt (Engineer) with a visitor

h-tec Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbH
At the booth: Stefan Höller (middle) (Managing Director) with a visitor

h-tec Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbH
From left to right: Uwe Küter (CEO), Cornelia Voigt (Engineer), Claus Würfel (Engineer), Åke Johnsen (Marketing Director), Stefan Höller (Managing Director)

Dr. Arne Wulff, State Secretary, Head of the State Chancellery in the Land Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel, Germany
From left to right: Dr. Arne Wulff and Åke Johnsen (Marketing Director, h-tec Hydrogen Energy GmbH)

Electrolyser EL30
Electrolyser EL30 for distributed hydrogen production
h-tec EL30 Electrolysers are ready-to-connect complete systems consisting of an electrolyser unit, a water treatment unit and a voltage transformer for connection to the grid. The core is a 30 bar PEM-Electrolyser Stack which - together with a special cooling system, a water recirculation array, the system controller management and an optional drying component - forms the electrolyser unit. Geared to the customers’ requirements, our electrolysers are available with a maximum hydrogen production of between 0.3 m3/h and 3.6 m³/h. Each electrolyser configuration can be operated from 0 to 100 % of its power.

• Suitable for emergency power supply and applications in telecommunication
• Compact design and low weight
• Easy to install, operate and handle
• No calibration of sensors required
• Offers data recording for scientific analysis

Electrolyser EL30 GB (pdf)
Electrolyser EL30 D (pdf)


Public Forum
Monday, April 4, 2:40 pm
Speaker: Uwe Küter, Managing Director
Topic: PEM electrolyser for decentralized energy solutions

Public Forum
Friday, April 8, 2:20 pm
Speaker: Uwe Küter, Managing Director
Topic: Praktische Einführung in die Brennstoffzellentechnik

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