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Exhibitors 2011 Kaori Heat Treatment Co. Ltd.
Kaori Heat Treatment Co. Ltd.
Chung-Li City, Taiwan
Years of Participation:
First time! 2011

Booth No.

Main Product/Service: Brazed plate heat exchanger, metal honeycomb monolith, heat exchanger for fuel cell / fuel processor, metal manifold
Website: www.kaori.com.tw

Kaori Heat Treatment Co. Ltd.
From right to left: Ruey-Jong Shyu (Vice President) with a guest

Kaori Heat Treatment Co. Ltd.
At the booth

Company / Institution introduction:
Kaori specializes in vacuum brazing technology and started developing compact Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) in 1992. With certified quality (UL, CE, ASME and ISO 9001 certifications) and competitive price, Kaori’s BPHE sell to more than 50 countries globally. Kaori is now extending its BPHE technology for fuel cell industry. Kaori’s BPHE can be used in PEMFC, MCFC as well as SOFC systems, in products such as fuel cell test station, fuel processor, and residential CHP system. Kaori is also offering catalytic-coated and uncoated honeycomb monolith for fuel reformer. Kaori is dedicated to be a member of fuel cell society.

Products / Services on display at HANNOVER MESSE 2011:
• Stainless steel plate heat exchangers
• Inconel 600/625 plate heat exchangers
• Fe/Cr/Al carry body for honeycomb monoliths
• 400cpsi honeycomb diesel catalytic combustor

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