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Exhibitors 2011 QuinTech e.K.
QuinTech e.K.
Göppingen, Germany
Years of Participation:
2001, '02, '03, '04,
'05, '06, '07, '08,
'09, '10

Booth No.

Main Product/Service: Fuel cells, components, test equipment
Websites: www.quintech.de / www.fuelcell-testsystems.com
General email address: quintech@quintech.de

QuinTech e.K.
At the booth: Nicole Seidl (CEO) with a visitor

QuinTech e.K.
At the booth: Nicole Seidl (CEO) with a visitor

QuinTech e.K.

QuinTech e.K.
From right to left: Nicole Seidl (CEO), Dr. Radha Jalan (CEO, Electrochem) and a visitor

Company / Institution introduction:
QuinTech is Europe’s biggest trader of fuel cells, fuel cell components and fuel cell test systems. We offer more than 500 products, such as:
Fuel cell test systems for DMFC, PEMFC, SOFC, PAFC from 0,1 W up to 300 kW, humidifiers as steamer or bubbler, electronic loads, impedance measurement, multi-voltage measurement, current density measurement, gas monitoring and calibration of different gas and solutions, leak detectors, Hydrogen Generator, electrolysers, PEM electrolyser, alkaline electrolyser; labor fuels cells and single cells; stacks and automatic pressure cells for PEMFC, DMFC, PAFC,HT, PEM Stacks for prototype work up to 20 kW; components for fuel cells for PEMFC, DMFC, HT and PAFC, Membranes, Nafion Membrane, fumapem Membrane, Gas distribution layer, GDL von Freudenberg, Toray und other, Nafion Dispersion, Nafion, Solution, Teflon Solution, Teflon, Dispersion, Electrodes, CCM, Catalyst coated Membranes, MEA, Membrane electrodes assemblies; accessories such as mass flow controller, back pressure regulator, fittings, heaters, etc.; hydrogen storage. We also offer methanol systems up to 100W and PEM Systems up to 5 kW.

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