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Hannover Messe

Deutsche Messe AG


H2 Nitidor s.r.l.
Casalpusterlengo, LO, Italy
Years of Participation:
First time! 2012

Booth No.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2012: Electrolyser, compressor, gas analyser
Website: www.h2nitidor.com
General email address: matteo.dragoni@h2nitidor.com
Number of employees: 10

H2 Nitidor s.r.l.
From left to right: Mario Dragoni (CTO), Matteo Dragoni (CEO), Roberto Cremonese (CEO, Market and Product Development, Tube & You srl), Mathilde Bangoura (Marketing, MaHyTec), Christine Perreux (Communication and PR, MaHyTec) and Pr. Dominique Perreux (Scientific Advisor, MaHyTec)
Exhibit: Fuel cell lamp

H2 Nitidor s.r.l.
From left to right: Mario Dragoni (CTO), Matteo Dragoni (CEO)
Exhibit: Hydrogen-Oxygen high-pressure generator

H2 Nitidor s.r.l.
From left to right: Mario Dragoni (CTO) with a visitor

H2 Nitidor s.r.l.
From right to left: Matteo Dragoni (CEO) with a visitor

Company / Institution introduction:
H2Nitidor is a company with years of experience in designing and manufacturing high pressure electrolysers. We are a team of experts, committed to the excellence and innovation on hydrogen technologies With an active department of R&D, H2Nitidor is focused on the development of reliable, high efficiency, high purity and high pressure alkaline electrolysers
Field proven and state-of-the-art hydrogen-electrolyser system suitable for advanced transportation, aviation and renewable energies, such as Photovoltaic and Wind energies. The development department of H2Nitidor researches and studies about advanced industrial applications in partnership with the main research institutes in the world.

Hydrogen-Oxygen high-pressure generator & more... (pdf)

Public Forum
Wednesday, April 25, 2:40 pm
Speaker: Mario Dragoni, Technical Director
Topic: Alkaline electrolysers, compressors and applications

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