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Hannover Messe

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Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
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Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2012: Metallic interconnectors for SOFC (etching and expander material)
Website: www.hitachi-metals.co.jp/e
General email address: hmcc@hitachi-metals.co.jp
Number of employees: 18,008

Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
From left to right: Yasuhiro Kubota (Senior Engineer), Ryo Kubo (Sales Manager), Toshihiro Uehara (Chief Researcher), Ryuji Takehara (Senior Engineer) and Yoichi Kan (Sales Engineer)

Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
From right to left: Ryuji Takehara (Senior Engineer), Yoichi Kan (Sales Engineer) and a visitor

Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
From left to right: Toshihiro Uehara (Chief Researcher), Yoichi Kan (Sales Engineer) and Ryuji Takehara (Senior Engineer) with a visitors

Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Company / Institution introduction:
Hitachi Metals is a materials manufacturer that has gained distinction for its high-quality technology and outstanding development capabilities.
Our products for SOFC: Metallic interconnect material, heat-resistant cast steel, wrought heat-resistant alloy

Public Forum
Wednesday, April 25, 10:40 am
Speaker: Ryuji Takehara, Senior Engineer and Ryoh Kubo, Sales Manager
Topic: Development of SOFC interconnector material

Ryoh Kubo, Sales Manager

Ryuji Takehara, Senior Engineer

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