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http://www.microthermgroup.com/ http://www.microthermgroup.com/
Promat High Performance Insulation (Microtherm N.V.)
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Years of Participation:
2009, '10, '11

Booth No.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2012: High performance insulation solutions; microporous insulation materials
Website: www.microthermgroup.com
General email address: info@microthermgroup.com
Number of employees: 200

Promat High Performance Insulation (Microtherm N.V.)
From right to left: Tom Martens (Marketing Manager) with a visitor

Promat High Performance Insulation (Microtherm N.V.)
From right to left: Tom Martens (Marketing Manager) with a visitor

Promat High Performance Insulation (Microtherm N.V.)
Impressions from the booth

Company / Institution introduction:
Microtherm® – the experts' choice in high temperature microporous insulation.
Promat High Performance Insulation (HPI) is the new Business Unit within the Promat Internationalorganization that focuses its activity on the design and manufacturing of innovative insulation products. These can be applied singularly or combined together in cost effective and energy efficient state-of-the-art thermal management solutions in a wide variety of markets and applications such as Petrochem, traditional as well as renewable power generation such as fuel cells and solar power, steel& aluminum industry, glass industry, furnaces, transport, aerospace and building & construction.
Promat High Performance Insulation has been created by the merger of two strong leading brands, the former High Temperature Insulation Division of Promat and Microtherm NV, which were acquired by our Group in September 2010.
Microtherm® has been the leading provider of advanced thermal insulation solutions for high temperature applications based on microporous technology for more than 40 years and is today the core competence center for microporous insulation solutions within Promat International.
Microtherm® insulation is specifically formulated to block all the modes of heat transfer which results in an insulation that is more efficient at blocking heat than still air!This means quite simply that Microtherm® is the best high temperature insulation available.
Promat HPIoffers the most versatile product range and the thinnest lightweight insulation systems for all fuel cell components. For cost effective high volume production we also offer a wide range of additional support services from partial assembly and metal encapsulation right up to complete system delivery capability.

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