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Hannover Messe

Deutsche Messe AG

AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH
Düsseldorf, Germany
www.airliquide.de Booth number
C 58
Company profile:
Air Liquide is a key player of the new hydrogen-energy economy with:
• more than 40 years of unique know-how on the entire industrial hydrogen value chain, from production and distribution to retail.
• almost 20 years of R&D efforts in hydrogen energy applications
• 10 years of experience in development and sales of PEM fuel cells, the key interface between the gas molecule and the
   electrical kW.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2013:
Dispensor (hydrogen pump model)

Product categories:
Hydrogen generation (electrolysers, reformers)
Hydrogen storage and transport

Public Forum presentation  
Topic: Air Liquide Perspectives & Challenges in the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Sector by 2020
Speaker: Dr. Antoine Mazas, Special Projects & Analysis Technologies of the Future Division
Date: April 9, 11:00 am
Technical Forum presentation  
Topic: Complete Fuel Cell Fleet Services for Material Handling Operations: Air Liquide’s European Approach (pdf)
Speaker: Warren Brower, HyPulsion Sales Director
Date: April 9, 12:00 pm

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