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Hannover Messe

Deutsche Messe AG


Company name / Location Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2013 Booth number
Italy Acta S.p.A.
Crespina, Italy
Hydrogen generators, electrolytic stacks, hydrogen oxygen flame generator B 59
USA Greece Advent Technologies Inc.
East Hartford, CT, USA
Athens, Greece
High temperature MEAs, high temperature PEM membranes D 72
Germany AEG Power Solutions GmbH
Warstein-Belecke, Germany
Power supply for hydrogen electrolysis D 64/1
Germany France AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH
Düsseldorf, Germany
Dispensor (hydrogen pump model) C 58
USA Air Squared Inc.
Broomfield, CO, USA
Scroll compressors, hydrogen recirculation pumps D 73
Austria AVL List GmbH
Graz, Austria
Portable SOFC power generator, THDA stack monitoring D 55
Canada Ballard Power Systems Inc.
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Clean energy fuel cell stacks and modules for stationary and mobile applications D 67
Germany balticFuelCells GmbH
Schwerin, Germany
Testing equipment "quickCONNECTfixture", SuSy300 - PEM fuel cell subsystem, redox flow battery testing device D 70/1
Germany BASF New Business GmbH
Ludwigshafen, Germany
Membrane electrode assemblies for high temperature PEM fuel cells D 66
Hamburg, Germany
Stationary PEMFC systems E 51
Germany BeBa H2 Speichersysteme GmbH & Co. KG
Hemmingstedt, Germany
Energy storage C 71
Belgium Borit NV
Geel, Belgium
Metallic bipolar plates, interconnects, flow plates for cooling and micro reactors C 76
Germany Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH
Wetzlar, Germany
Fuel cell heating appliances E 51
Germany Bürkert Werke GmbH
Ingelfingen, Germany
Solenoid valves, mass flow controllers, liquid flow controller, proportional valves, pressure sensors, regulators, systems D 56
Switzerland Busch Clean Air S.A.
Porrentruy, Switzerland
Compressors D 70
Italy C.R.I.E.L. Srl
Centro Ricerca Industrie Energetiche Lucane

Matera, Italy
Eolic generator integrated with hydrogen production B 51
Canada Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
Vancouver, BC, Canada
National non-profit association that supports Canadian corporations, governments, and educational institutions that are developing, demonstrating and deploying hydrogen and fuel cell products and services in Canada D 67
GB Cella Energy Ltd.
Harwell Oxford, UK
Sample of hydrogen energy storage, model of hydrogen recuperation cell and diesel abatement cartridge E 69/1
France Ceram Hyd S.A.
Ecuelles, France
Hydrogen generation via protone exchange membrane (PEM) technology D 61
Australia Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited
Noble Park, Victoria, Australia
Solid oxide fuel cell technology E 51
Norway CerPoTech AS
Heimdal, Norway
Ceramic powders for SOFC, ceramic membranes, solid state batteries and other components C 72
France CETH2
Villebon sur Yvette, France
PEM electrolyser 5 to 60 Nm³/h (25 to 300 kW) C 55
Germany Clean Energy Partnership (CEP)
Hamburg, Germany
Cutaway model of Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell B 56
USA ClearEdge Power
Hillsboro, OR, USA
PureCell® Systems Model 5 and Model 400 D 76
USA Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.
East Hartford, CT, USA
Nonprofit corporation with focus on efficiencies, workforce development and technology D 72/1
USA Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition
East Hartford, CT, USA
Coalition of Connecticut's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry and Supply Chain D 72/1
Finland Convion Oy
Helsinki, Finland
Fuel cell systems based on SOFC technology, power range of 50-300 kW C 50
Germany Daimler AG
Stuttgart, Germany
Part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) fleet at the Ride & Drive B 56
USA Dana Holding Corporation
Maumee, OH, USA
Balance of plant, hydrogen reformers and stack components B 71
Germany DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH
Leipzig, Germany
Components for fuel cell heating appliances B 50
Germany Deutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-
Verband e.V. (DWV)

Berlin, Germany
Association providing information, expertise and networking in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells E 69
Germany Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)
Institut für Technische Thermodynamik

Stuttgart, Germany
Fuel cells, electrolysis, innovative components C 66
USA Dexmet Corporation
Wallingford, CT, USA
Expanded metal foils and polymers D 78
Denmark DTU Energy Conversion
FCH Test Center

Roskilde, Denmark
Testing cells, stacks, components; fuel cells and electrolysis E 67/1
Germany E.ON New Build & Technology GmbH
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Power generation in buildings using fuel cells E 51
Germany EBZ GmbH Fuel Cells & Process Technology
Dresden, Germany
Samples of high temperature unit, porous burner, gas heater, evaporator, test concepts B 50
Germany EESA-Verbundinitiative
c/o VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

Dresden, Germany
Joint Initiative Renewable Energies Saxony B 50
Germany Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG
Osterode am Harz, Germany
Bipolar plates, formed seals, components for fuel cells D 72/2
Estonia Elcogen AS
Tallinn, Estonia
Intermediate temperature SOFC single cells; IT-SOFC stack C 50
Germany Elcore GmbH
München, Germany
Fuel cell systems for combined heat and power generation in individual homes (micro-CHP) and large facilities E 51
Germany EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Karlsruhe, Germany
Power generation in buildings using fuel cells E 51
Germany Energy Saxony e.V.
Dresden, Germany
Network of Saxon companies in the energy sector B 50
USA Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC
Shelton, CT, USA
Spectracarb Gas Diffusion Media, Carbon Fiber Paper and Panels, Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth, GDL Design and Development Services D 76/2
Austria Ensinger Compounds
A division of HP Polymer GmbH

Lenzing, Austria
Compounds for fuel cells (bipolar plates) D 66/1
Italy ErreDue S.p.A.
Livorno, Italy
Hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen generators D 51
Europe European Hydrogen Association (EHA)
Brussels, Belgium
Association promoting hydrogen as an energy carrier E 67
Germany EWE AG
Oldenburg, Germany
Power generation in buildings using fuel cells E 51
Germany eZelleron GmbH
Dresden, Germany
Gas battery go:batt 125 B 50
China Foresight Energy Co., Ltd.
Kunshan, P.R. China
Fuel cell backup power systems, related parts and test equipments D 60
Germany Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Jülich, Germany
Fuel cells, electrolysis cells and components C 68
Germany Fraunhofer-Institut für Fertigungstechnik und
Angewandte Materialforschung IFAM

Dresden, Germany
Demonstrator of the hydride tank prototype, demonstrator of electrolysis, material samples B 50
Germany Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS
Dresden, Germany
Fuel cells, energy systems B 50
Germany Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE
Freiburg, Germany
Cell stack of a redox-flow battery, stack components for high pressure electrolyser, segmented test cells for spatially resolved characterization of fuel cells C 60
Germany Freudenberg FCCT SE & Co. KG
Fuel Cell Component Technologies

Weinheim, Germany
Gas diffusion layer, stack sealing solutions, fuel cell filter, humidifier C 75
Finland Fuel Cell Finland
The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

Tampere, Finland
Accelerating the utilization of fuel cells through networking C 50
Europe Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking
Brussels, Belgium
Prototypes from projects, information materials C 56
Germany USA FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH
Dresden, Germany
Model of DF400 EU B 50
Germany FuelCon AG
Magdeburg-Barleben, Germany
Testing & assembling systems for PEM, DMFC and SOFC fuel cells up to 150kW and for electrolysers; testing solutions for batteries C 64
Germany Gardner Denver Thomas GmbH
Puchheim, Germany
OEM compressors, blowers, liquid pumps E 55
Germany GHR Hochdruck-Reduziertechnik GmbH
Ober-Mörlen, Germany
Valves for fuel cell systems, solutions for hydrogen applications B 65
USA Giner, Inc.
Newton, MA, USA
PEM electrolyzers D 76/3
Germany GM / Adam Opel AG
Rüsselsheim, Germany
Part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) fleet at the Ride & Drive B 56
Canada Greenlight Innovation Corp.
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Fuel cell, electrolyser and battery testing equipment, automated testing software D 64
Germany GSR Ventiltechnik GmbH & Co KG
Vlotho, Germany
Valves for high pressure and hydrogen applications E 67/2
Lübeck, Germany
PEM electrolysers C 51
Germany H2BZ Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Initiative Hessen e.V.
Wiesbaden, Germany
Fuel cells and electrolysers B 65
Italy H2 Nitidor Srl
Casalpusterlengo, Italy
Alcalyne electrolyser, refueling station, power to gas, engineering solution, gas plant B 51
Germany HA Hessen Agentur GmbH, Projekt Brennstoffzelle
Wiesbaden, Germany
Promoting the State of Hessen both in Germany and abroad B 65
France HASKEL France SAS
Wasquehal, France
Compressors, boosters, high pressure valves, high pressure tubing, hydrogen refueling solutions, high pressure test benches E 63
Germany Heliocentris Academia GmbH
Berlin, Germany
Nexa fuel cell system, energy manager B 59
Switzerland Hexis AG
Winterthur, Switzerland
Fuel cell heater E 51
Germany HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH
Schwerin, Germany
Micro annular gear pumps - five series guarantee a flow rate from 1 µl/h to 1152 ml/min and a pressure up to 80 bar B 76
Germany Hochschule Rhein-Main
Rüsselsheim, Germany
Physics, medical technology, microsystem technology, computational engineering B 65
Germany Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH
Offenbach, Germany
Part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) fleet at the Ride & Drive B 56
Germany Hüttenberger Produktionstechnik Martin GmbH
Langgöns, Germany
Portable fuel cell 150W B 65
Germany Hydrogen Energy GWL GmbH
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Hydrogen generator B 65
Germany Canada Belgium Hydrogenics GmbH
Gladbeck, Germany
Fuel cell systems and applications; electrolysis and components C 59
Germany iGas GmbH
Solingen, Germany
PEM electrolyser C 55
Germany IMM - Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH
Mainz, Germany
Reformers, heat exchangers B 72
Sweden Impact Coatings AB
Linköping, Sweden
Ceramic MaxPhase - protective coating for stainless steel bipolar plates, InlineCoater PVD deposition system C 52
Germany Initiative Brennstoffzelle (IBZ)
Oldenburg, Germany
Heat and power generation in buildings using fuel cells E 51
Germany ITM Power GmbH
Schmitten, Germany
Various hydrogen generators / electrolysers for rapid response electrolysis, power-to-gas Energy Storage and Clean Fuel where hydrogen station, HFuel will refuel FCEVs B 60
GB ITM Power plc
Sheffield, UK
Various hydrogen generators / electrolysers for rapid response electrolysis, power-to-gas Energy Storage and Clean Fuel where hydrogen station, HFuel will refuel FCEVs B 60
Germany KNF Neuberger GmbH
Freiburg, Germany
Diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors, diaphragm liquid pumps, metering pumps B 74
Russia Krylov State Research Centre
St. Petersburg, Russia
Components for fuel cells D 78/1
Latvia Latvian Hydrogen Association (H2LV)
Riga, Latvia
Promotion of hydrogen as an energy carrier in Latvia E 67
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Eco-conscious alternatives: Fuel cell UPS and generators D 66/2
France MAHYTEC Sarl
Dole, France
Hydrogen storage systems (high pressure storage and metal hydride systems) + demonstrators (H2 lawnmower, etc.) B 51
Germany France McPhy Energy Deutschland GmbH
Würzburg, Germany
Electrolyzer, metal hydride storage B 73
USA Metro Mold & Design LLC
Rogers, MN, USA
Tooling, molded blank and net shape bi-polar graphite plates, machined graphite bi-polar plates, other molded + machined balance of plant components C 78
Germany MicrobEnergy GmbH (Viessmann Group)
Schwandorf, Germany
Methanation of hydrogen C 73
Germany Mossau Energy GmbH
Aurich, Germany
Energy storage system based on hydrogen E 57
Germany MVV Energie AG
Mannheim, Germany
Power generation in buildings using fuel cells E 51
Russia National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University,
Institute of Physics and Technology

Tomsk, Russia
Installations to modify solid surfaces with plasma beams D 78/1
Norway NEL Hydrogen AS
Sandefjord, Norway
Hydrogen electrolyser plants B 61
EWE-Forschungszentrum für Energietechnologie e.V.

Oldenburg, Germany
Fuel Cells, Energy Storage Systems, Photovoltaics D 57
Canada Next Hydrogen Corporation
Mississauga, ON, Canada
Alkaline electrolyser C 55
Nagoya, Japan
NAS (Sodium and Sulfur) Battery E 71
Kochi, Japan
Electrolyte membranes for fuel cells and electrolyzers D 79
Germany Japan Nitto Kohki Deutschland GmbH
Steinenbronn, Germany
Pumps and air compressors C 74
Germany NOW GmbH
Berlin, Germany
Leading and coordinating the implementation of the NIP B 56
Finland Oy Woikoski AB
Valkeala, Finland
Hydrogen generation and transport C 50
Reutte, Austria
CFY-Interconnectors for SOFCs; ITM-Interconnectors for mobile SOFC-APU; MSC-cells for mobile SOFC-APU D 71
Germany Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH
Kempten, Germany
WDS® - Microporous insulation materials based on silicic acid D 62/1
USA Precision Combustion, Inc.
North Haven, CT, USA
Fuel reformers, fuel processors, anode gas oxidizers D 76/1
Belgium Promat High Performance Insulation (Microtherm N.V.)
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
High performance insulation solutions; microporous insulation materials D 59
USA Proton OnSite
Wallingford, CT, USA
Electrolysers, hydrogen generation products C 70
France Raigi SAS
Rouvray-Saint-Denis, France
Hydrogen tank E 61/1
Germany Riesaer Brennstoffzellentechnik GmbH
Glaubitz, Germany
Components for fuel cell heating appliances B 50
Germany S3 Alliance GmbH
Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Distributor and Representative D 60/1
France Saint-Gobain Corporation
Paris, France
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stacks, Glass Ceramics for SOFCs and Electrochemical Devices, Ceramic Components, Ceramic Powders, Refractories D 68/1
Germany Schunk Bahn- und Industrietechnik GmbH
Wettenberg, Germany
HY Power Unit 300 B 65
GB Senior Flexonics plc
Newport, UK
Heat exchanger and recuperator products E 55/1
Denmark Serenergy A/S
Hobro, Denmark
Fuel cell systems D 68
USA Sono-Tek Corporation
Milton, NY, USA
Ultrasonic coating systems for fuel cells E 65/2
Spain Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2)
Madrid, Spain
Promotion of hydrogen as an energy carrier in Spain E 67
Germany Staiger GmbH & Co. KG
Erligheim, Germany
Solenoid valves, proportional valves, pressure regulators, systems E 65/1
USA State of Connecticut
Hartford, CT, USA
Government agency D 72/1
Germany sunfire GmbH (formerly staxera GmbH)
Dresden, Germany
Integrated stack module B 50
Finland Tekes Fuel Cell Programme
Espoo, Finland
Fuel cell research governmental funding C 50
Canada Tekion Inc.
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Formira™ - Purified, diluted, and modified Formic Acid (HCOOH) D 67
Germany The Linde Group
München, Germany
Ionic compressor and cryogenic pump models B 77
Denmark Topsoe Fuel Cell
Lyngby, Denmark
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Stackmodules up to 6kW D 53
Germany Toyota Deutschland GmbH
Köln, Germany
Part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) fleet at the Ride & Drive B 56
Germany Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Putzbrunn, Germany
LPG powered Fuel Cell Systems B 70
Germany Ulmer Brennstoffzellen Manufaktur GmbH
Ulm, Germany
Fuel cell stacks (LT-PEM), modular fuel cell system concept C 77
USA Ultrasonic Systems, Inc.
Haverhill, MA, USA
High-performance spray coating equipment based on patented, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology D 60/1
Germany Vaillant Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
Remscheid, Germany
MicroCHP with fuel cells E 51
Italy Ventos Compressors – CET Engineering Srl
Corciano, Italy
Hydrogen compressors, membrane/diaphragm compressors E 57/1
Germany Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG
Allendorf, Germany
Fuel Cell mCHP System E 51
Germany VNG - Verbundnetz Gas AG
Leipzig, Germany
Power generation in buildings using fuel cells E 51
Finland VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Espoo, Finland
Research and expert services C 50
Italy Worgas Bruciatori Srl
Formigine, Italy
Hydrogen generator, portable power supply E 63/1
Germany Zentro-Elektrik GmbH KG
Eisingen, Germany
Electronically controlled power systems E 59/1
Germany Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)
Ulm, Germany
Ethanol power generator D 50

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