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Krylov State Research Centre
St. Petersburg, Russia
krylov-center.ru/eng Booth number
D 78/1
Company profile:
The hydrogen energy department of the branch « SET RI » conducts research and development activities culminating in the creation of the prototypes and it plans to organize fabrication and delivery of the automated FC power plants, FC batteries and equipment for generation and storage of hydrogen.
Pilot production facility of the hydrogen energy department is equipped with unique equipment, designed for complete cycle of manufacturing of the SPFC PP for different purpose and power, including the only one in Russia automated equipment for deposition of the catalyst nano-coating on membrane-electrode assembly materials, what allows to make the fuel cells and the fuel cell stacks based on them on the own technologies. Experimental-research and bench base of the hydrogen energy department allows to carry out the study of the single elements and components of the FC power plants (membrane-electrode assemblies and batteries based on them, fuel processors of various modifications and different power, systems and stacks of heat-mas-exchange, automation and control systems) and the SPFC power plants as a whole.

Products of „SET RI“ presented at HANNOVER MESSE 2013 (pdf)

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2013:
Components for fuel cells

Product category:
Components and supplying technology

Participant of the Russia Day
April 8, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
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