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Ulmer Brennstoffzellen Manufaktur GmbH
Ulm, Germany
Booth number
C 77
Company profile:
The Ulmer Brennstoffzellen-Manufaktur GmbH (UBzM; Ulm fuel cell manufactory) has been established as one of the “made in Germany” stack supplier.
The UBzM focused the last years in developing mass production technologies and higher quality in stack technology. In addition to that, a modular fuel cell system-concept has been tested and improved in many applications.
These activities results in a PEM fuel cell stack-module with a high energy density due to metallic bipolar plates. Included core components for systems (e.g. air supply and humidification) allow efficient use of available space. The combination with various standard peripheral components allows an easy and calculable integration of the stack in various fuel cell systems, which opens great possibilities in various markets.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2013:
Fuel cell stacks (LT-PEM), modular fuel cell system concept

Product categories:
Fuel cells, systems and applications - stationary
Fuel cells, systems and applications - transportation
Components and supplying technology

Public Forum presentation  
Topic: The BluePAc Module – More than a Stack
Speaker: Klaus Steinhart, Marketing and Sales
Date: April 11, 12:40 pm

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