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Hsinchu, Taiwan
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Company profile:
M-FIELD provides green power solutions to clean and sustainable energy business. The company is based in Taiwan, a country with strong technology profiles. M-FIELD has had significant involvement in Fuel Cell technology for over ten years, largely focused on stationary Fuel Cell System marketing and education. Due to the fossil fuel depletion and climate changes resulting from greenhouse gas emissions, M-FIELD is devoted to delivering the most cutting-edge Fuel Cell solutions that will help replace the pollutant carbon economy with the hydrogen era, so that our children will be promised a better life in a green, more responsible future.

• Telecom back up power system
• Smart energy storage solution.
• Decentralized large-scale power generation system


Product description
MF-UEH is a compact all-in-one total solution providing fuel generation, energy storage, and power generation that turns saturated sustainable energy such as photovoltaic and wind power those connect to grid power with fuel cell system. The system store energy as hydrogen from electricity so that the stored energy never lose.
MF-UEH series provides 1 to 3kW power and back up for over 8kWh at maximum power output; customization is also available depending on your requirements. With MF-UEH products, there is no need to worry about hydrogen fuel delivery because the fuel for the system is only pure water. It is an ideal system for residential backup, especially suitable for remote industrial application with fuel on demand, and the most importantly, environmental-friendly.

Power Output: 1 to 3kV
Weight: 250kg
Input Voltage: 48Vdc/220Vac
Dimensions: L110*W70*H180 cm
Output: 48Vdc/220Vac
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Fuel: De-ionized Water
Storage capacity: 8 to 40kWh capacity
Hydrogen Filling Time: 72hr
Humidity: 0-100%RH

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2014:
Eco-conscious alternatives: Fuel cell UPS and generators

Product category:
Fuel cells, systems and applications - stationary

Public Forum presentation  
Topic: UEH-0311, Extended Fuel Cell Energy Storage Solution from M-Field
Speaker: Justin Chou, Manager, R&D and application engineering
Date: Wednesday, April 9th, 12:20

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