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NovoCell Energy Systems S/A
Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Brazil Booth number
Company profile:
NovoCell® is a fully Brazilian company structured as a Closed Capital Enterprise, whose objective is to Develop and to Produce Hydrogen Fuel Cells Components, to be used in Electricity Convertors as parts of electricity generators with no environmental impact, specifically designed to replace fossil fuel combustion engines operating together with stationary batteries.

News at HANNOVER FAIR 2014:
NovoCell® is prepared to discuss the Technological Achievements of our Components to Fuel Cell properties, such as the Gas Diffusion Electrode GDE and the Novel Membrane Electrode Assembling MEA, The Automatic Mass Production Plant, The Capacity we envisage and other aspects of our competitiveness on Foreseen Markets. Samples of our Main Technology Aspects will be shown.

Company Interests:
We expect to introduce us as a worldwide manufacturer to the fuel cell market, promising and providing prompt in an area of extreme importance to most of the countries that have this new form of energy generation as a strong and viable environmental and economical impact.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2014:
PEM fuel cells components – GDE & MEA, PEM fuel cells test stands

Product categories:
Testing and diagnostics

Technical Forum presentation  
Topic: The Low Price since MEA until PEMFC Stack´s Test Stations
Speaker: Valdemar Stelita, CEO & Marketing Manager
Date: Friday, April 11th, 12:00
Download presentation (pdf)

Our Manufacturing Line is inserted fully vertically, starting in the acquisition of Platinum Salt, converting it into Nanometalic Platinum, fixing it then at Carbon Nanoparticle Support’s, inserting it into the Catalyst Paint and doing the paint application in a Fast Automated Machine to conclude the Catalyst into the Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE).
Variations of this GDE are then made to achieve the final Membrane Electrode Assembling (MEA) with the Proton Conductive Polymer that allows to included it into a PEMFC Stack to the final customers. So we need those customers to specify all the data we need to get the best technical approach with the Lower Price (The Production Specifications).
Those MEA´s are then assembled into a “Sandwich” with the customer’s bipolar plates like in standard batteries, and so our Test Station comes into action, allowing the technicians to make any “Essays Protocols” that show How and in What Parameters the Stack Unity is Working, performing any variable analysis for the Station, that really Test any different forms of operation.
That’s NovoCell, a New Line of Components and Materials to Produce Clean Energy with a Cheap Price to compete against standard technologies for Energy Backup Power.

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