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Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Putzbrunn, Germany Booth number
Company profile:
Truma is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of comfort products for recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles and boats. A wide range of products has emerged during the company’s 65 years of existence: heating and air conditioning systems, water heaters, manoeuvring systems and energy systems such as the LPG-powered fuel cell system VeGA which was introduced to leisure in 2012. Since 2013 the VeGA is also available for industrial use in a wide range of applications and 24/7 operation.

Products on display at Hannover Messe 2014:
The fuel cell system VeGA provides off-grid power for various mobile and stationary applications where power must be supplied with high efficiency, availability and reliability. The unit has a maximum power output of 250 W and operates by using LPG (propane, butane and mixtures thereof).

Due to its power output and the advantages of LPG (high energy density, well-developed infrastructure, low operating costs) the system is suitable for a wide range of applications:
• APU for recreational vehicles and boats / yachts
• Off-grid power supply for various remote applications (e.g. traffic management systems, security and surveillance, business and
   IT solutions, environmental measurement equipment, remote cabins)
• Power supply for governmental and special vehicles (e.g. police, customs authorities)

Depending on requirements and type of application the VeGA is available as customized outdoor system solution including gas supply and remote control or as single unit for integration into existing power supply systems. In order to provide the best solution for customers Truma cooperates with well-known industrial partners. The VeGA is shown in real applications, ISOC® - International Security Observation Center - is an innovative security system for mobile construction site surveillances that is unmatched in the world. A compact, sturdy and self-sustained system, its worldwide operational field is the sensor-based site security and object monitoring. An uninterrupted data line enables a 24-hrs remote surveillance using a central emergency call that does not require manpower on site. This method reduces the costs of site surveillance by up to 70 percent compared to conventional security systems. ISOC® is developed by the Intertec GmbH (Leer/Lower Saxony)- a member of the International Security Group, which provides security services and security technologies all from one source.

HOPPECKE, a leading manufacturer of industrial batteries, charging devices and energy systems. uses the Truma fuel cells in grid.systemizers – the latest back-up systems – in order to generate electricity. Both companies have formed a strong partnership and are cooperating in the field of grid-independent power supply systems.

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Press release:
VeGA sorgt für sichere Stromversorgung (pdf)

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2014:
Fuel cell systems with liquid gas

Product categories:
Fuel cells, systems and applications - portable


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