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Company profile:

Abengoa is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors. It is organized into three different activities: engineering and construction, concession-type infrastructures and industrial production. In engineering and construction Abengoa has more than 70 years of experience in the market, and it specializes in carrying out complex turn-key projects.
Technology is the engine of growth for Abengoa, providing innovative solutions to create value and maintain a leadership position in the market. Due to its engineering capabilities, Abengoa offers solutions in hydrogen and fuel cells, strategic sector for the future.

Products/ R&D- projects/services:
General description: Engineering services in the energy field. Abengoa Hidrógeno develops its activity on hydrogen production, fuel cell power generation, and energy storage. Abengoa specializes in turn-key projects. It has an integrated business model that constitutes a crucial competitive advantage guaranteeing customer satisfaction and the fulfillment on time, schedules, budget and performance.
Hydrogen Production: Abengoa develops, manufactures and markets hydrogen production plants, from different technologies, covering both reforming and electrolysis.
Fuel Cell Power Plants: Abengoa develops, constructs and deploys power plants using different fuel cell technologies: PEMFC, SOFC, MCFC.
Energy Storage: Abengoa develops energy storage solutions by means of hydrogen technologies.
Special Projects: Niche markets are taking advantage of hydrogen and fuel cells, being Abengoa developing solutions on these areas. Some examples are propulsion systems for submarines, or space applications.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2015:
Fuel cell power plants, hydrogen production plants, reformers and electrolysers

Product category:
Hydrogen generation (electrolysers, reformers)

Public Forum presentation
Topic: Renewable Hydrogen: Energy storage & security of supply
Speaker: Javier Brey, CEO Abengoa Hidrógeno
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 13:20
Public Forum presentation
Topic: Integrated engineering approach – Hydrogen production & fuel cell power plants
Speaker: África Castro, Business Development Abengoa Hidrógeno
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 12:40

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