E.ON Technologies GmbH
Essen, Germany
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Company profile:
We are a company designed to be flexible and innovative. Formed to tackle the future challenges in the ever changing energy market and we understand that we can only put the customer first by offering a single service. We provide strong focused services which can meet the needs of our customers better than ever before. With more than 2000 staff across our main sites of Gelsenkirchen (DE), Ratcliffe (UK) and Hannover (DE) we are a multicultural company which provides world class engineering and technical expertise to the whole EON group as well as many external providers. We were created to reposition our focus to a new challenge. We have seen that the overall demand for Engineering and Technical Field Services will continue to reduce significantly in the coming years and we have to adapt. We also know that while distributed energy grows the number of European Asset Projects will fall. It is this future we have been designed to tackle.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2016:
Power generation in buildings using fuel cells

Product category:
Fuel cells, systems and applications - stationary

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