Belfort, France
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Company profile:
The H2SYS team designs and manufactures hybrid electrical power generators in the range of 1 to 10 kW.
More specifically, we design and develop hybrid systems by integrating fuel cell systems and electric storage with specific control and electronics for more efficient and competitive power systems.
Over the years, H2SYS reached a unique research and development expertise on hybrid systems for better performance, reliability and lifespan.
The combination of Fuel cell system and Electric storage offers the ability to improve the lifespan of the main components and to reduce the total cost ownership. We offer cost effective solutions to manage complex system and answer customer energy demand for backup systems, remote areas and mobile usages.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2016:
Fuel cell genset

Product categories:
Components and supplying technology
Fuel cell gensets
Technical Forum
Topic: Smart hybrid systems improving lifespan and reducing total cost of ownership
Speaker: Sébastien Faivre, Project Manager
Date: Thursday, April 28, 13:00

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