Kraft-Wärme-Energiesysteme GmbH

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Company profile:
The Dachs is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art micro CHP unit based on a natural gas, LPG or fuel oil fueled internal combustion engine.
The Unit has a continuous output of 5.5 kW electricity and 12.5 kW heating and achieves an overall efficiency of approx. 90% with a fuel input of 20.6 kW. An additional external exhaust heat exchanger can provide a further 2,5 kW of thermal energy, raising the efficiency up to approx. 98%. In combination with a SenerTec SE 750 buffer vessel, domestic hot water module (capacity 30 litres @ 45 °C) and an integrated peak load boiler the so-called Dachs SE solution can meet a heat demand of up to 35 kW. This System can be configured to meet the varying heat and power demands of different building types.
Operating consistently and successfully across Europe for many years, the Dachs is proven technology and has become the number one choice in micro-CHP. SenerTec GmbH, and its partner network have installed over 30,000 units.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2016:
Decentralized energy generation, cogeneration, chp, combined heat and power, fuel cell technology

Product categories:
Components and supplying technology
Fuel cells, systems and applications - stationary
Public Forum
Topic: Dachs InnoGen – the newest member to the Dachs family of SenerTec
Speaker: Philipp Klose, Division Manager R&D
Date: Wednesday, April 27, 15:20

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