Athens, Greece
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TROPICAL is a Systems Integrator & Developer of Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Institutional, fixed or portable applications. TROPICAL manufacture fuel cell systems 1kw, 2,5kw, 5kw & 10kw for Home, Telecom, Education, Industrial & other applications. Being pioneers on that energy related field, we are participating the last 15 years in many R&D projects with at least 28 Universities, 18 research institutes and 27 research companies from all over the world for the development of the future “GREEN” products.

Main applications
• Emergency power systems instead of diesel generators (the best choice in order to secure long backup times).
• UPS (Uninterruptable Power System) , Back-Up power system & Telecom back-up power.
• Emergency power/charger, providing electricity to our homes & Remote Areas, shops, buildings, hospitals etc.
• Substitution of solar panels in an climatic unfavorable location (wood, mountains, caves, mines etc).
• Demonstration projects, Universities, Research Institutes, Colleges, Schools, etc .
• Military applications, Robotics, Automation, Modeling, Surveillance & Sensing, Seismographs & Meteo Stations, Oil & Gas.
• Mobile Traffic Signals, Outdoor events, Security, Modeling, Motor Yachts & Boats, Buses, CityCars, Scooters, Caravans, etc

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2016:
TB-1000 & TB-2.500 fuel cell power generators for Home, Telecom, Education, Industrial & other applications
Lithium batteries (LiFePO4) for Electric Vehicles, Marine, Cars, Trucks, UPS, Solar, Military, Robotics, etc

Product category:
Hydrogen fuel cell systems

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