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Process Systems Enterprise is the world leading supplier of Advanced Process Modelling software and services. The company’s gPROMS FUELCELL modelling software contains high-fidelity fuel cell component and system models executing within a simulation and mathematical optimisation framework.
PSE works with major car automotive manufacturers in Japan and elsewhere to help them answer complex design and operational questions – such as the impact of water management on stack voltage losses and longevity, how to reduce startup sequence time, particularly from extremely low-temperature conditions, and controllability of the power plant system – to be answered easily, based on models that reflect true physics and chemistry.
Advanced parameter estimation capabilities enable data processing of large amounts of experimental data to enhance model predictive accuracy. Dynamic models allows realistic analysis of all components and system interactions during simulated drive tests. Powerful optimisation capabilities make it possible to determine optimal configuration and operating conditions without lengthy trial-and-error simulation. Global system analysis techniques allow rapid and effective exploration of the decision space through sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification based on high-fidelity underlying models to determine the effect on KPIs.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2017:
gPROMS FUELCELL advanced process modelling environment

Product categories:
Software; simulation; modelling
Components and supplying technology
Technical Forum
Topic: gPROMS simulation of automotive power plant system start-up from -25C with H2 combustion in stack cathode
Zbigniew Urban, VP - Fuel Cells & Batteries
Jorge Aguerrevere; Consultant, BU Fuel Cells
Date: Wednesday, April 26, 10:00