Thursday, April 27
Public Forum
20-minute moderated interview incl. Q&A
Technical Forum
10-minute PowerPoint presentation + Q&A
10:00 See the video on YouTubeNew trends on components for electrochemical applications & new developments for electrolyzer components
Dr. Thorsten Hickmann, CEO
Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG   
Public Forum 10:00 Mixed Topics
10:20 See the video on YouTubeSector coupling and the need for large scale hydrogen transport
Dr. Cornelius von der Heydt, Head of Business Development
Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH
10:20 See the video on YouTubeSOCTESQA: Test procedures standardization for the industrialization of SOFC/SOEC
Dr. Eva Ravn Nielsen, Center Manager (DTU)
10:40 See the video on YouTubeProduction lines for bipolar plates to China
Dr. Henrik Ljungcrantz, CEO and Founder
Impact Coatings AB

10:40 See the video on YouTubeThe case for containerized hydrogen solutions
John Cornish, President
Engineering, Procurement & Construction, LLC
11:00 See the video on YouTubeNo energy transition without hydrogen
Dr. Ulrich Schmidtchen, Board Member
Deutscher Wasserstoff- und
Brennstoffzellen-Verband e.V. (DWV)
11:00 See the video on YouTubeReformed methanol fuel cells – enabling the methanol vision
Mads Friis Jensen, CCO
SerEnergy A/S
11:20 See the video on YouTubeFrom prototyping to high precision production technology for metal microstructure plates
Achim Edelmann, Authorized Manager New Technologies
Gräbener Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
11:20 See the video on YouTubeZEG - upscale and commercialization of the technology
Dr. Nicola Di Giulio, Senior Engineer
ZEG Power AS
11:40 See the video on YouTubeMaximizing value with engineered carbon supports
Thomas J. Stephenson, CEO & Chairman
Pajarito Powder, LLC
11:40 See the video on YouTubeSodium/Nickel-Chloride Battery - Back in market
Dr. Matthias Schulz, Group Manager Stationary Storage Systems
Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS

12:00 See the video on YouTubeLaunching the world's largest electrolyser - when size and performance matters
Dr. Hans Jörg Fell, CTO
HydrogenPro AS
12:00 See the video on YouTubeLow cost type 4 pressure vessels - the contribution to lower the cost of transporting hydrogen
Ole Martin Olsen, Director Business Development
Umoe Advanced Composites AS
12:20 See the video on YouTubeThe world's first light activated fuel cell
John Lidderdale, Chairman
Enocell ltd
12:40 See the video on YouTubeClean hydrogen for all Europeans
Marieke Reijalt, Executive Director
European Hydrogen Association (EHA)
13:00 Metal bipolar plates and interconnects on the industrial level
Dr. Joachim Kroemer, Head of Sales
Borit NV
13:00 See the video on YouTubeApproaches to catalyst and reformer testing: The NOVOROCS fuel processing test station
Dr. Phillip Hutton, Technical Director
NOVOROCS Technologies LLC.
13:20 See the video on YouTubePower-to-Liquid
Dr. Achim Schaadt, Head of Department Thermochemical Processes
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE   
13:40 See the video on YouTube Understanding the total cost of ownership of hydrogen sensors in fuel cell applications
Nathan Cooley, Director of Commercial Sales
13:40 See the video on YouTubeHydrogen safety as driver for public acceptance
Dr. Ulrich Schmidtchen, Board Member
14:00 See the video on YouTubeFuel cell and hybrid systems for aircraft applications
Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo, Head of Energy Systems Integration
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Institut für Technische Thermodynamik
14:00 See the video on YouTubeHidrogênio Brazil goes WHEC 2018 (pdf)
Gustavo Nunes, Researcher
Laboratório de Hidrogênio – COPPE
14:20 14:20 See the video on YouTubeHydrogen Fuel Cell Activities at Hydrogen South Africa (pdf)
Dr. Sharon Blair, Center Director
HySA Catalysis
14:40 See the video on YouTubeTwo market leaders joining forces
Rick Rashilla, Vice President Hydrogen
Dr. Michael Kleschinski, Executive Vice President
Hexagon Composites ASA
14:40 See the video on YouTubeReady to roll out: European projects with global aspirations
Alexander Schimanofsky, Coordintor of the BulkH2 Rail, RCC
Herbert Wancura, President, synergesis
European Hydrogen Association (EHA)
15:00 See the video on YouTube Deployment of alternative fuels based on the German mobility and fuels Strategy
Johannes Daum, Head of Programme Mobility and Fuel Strategy
15:00 See the video on YouTubeHighly accurate & lightweight pressure regulator in development for UAV drones/automotive
Steve Yorke-Robinson, Managing Director
Pressure Tech Ltd
15:20 See the video on YouTubeCompact, Diesel/Jet Fuel Processing and SOFC Power Generators
Anthony Anderson, Director, Marketing and Business Development
Precision Combustion, Inc.
15:20 See the video on YouTubeOn-site hydrogen generation with AEM electrolyzer
Jens Bischoff, Sales
Inabata Europe GmbH
15:40 See the video on YouTube New developments in advanced air blowers and controls for fuel cells
Ski Milburn, CEO
VAIREX air systems

15:40 See the video on YouTubeSOEC stack development for oxygen production by In-situ resource utilization on Mars (pdf)
Jessica Elwell, Program Manager
Ceramatec, Inc.




16:40 See the video on YouTubeHighlights of the Group Exhibit
„Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries“

Dr. Kerry-Ann Adamson, CEO
4th Energy Wave
17:00 Stage rebuilding
18:00 Networking Evening