H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG
Berlin, Germany
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Company profile:
Six companies from the oil, gas and automobile sectors (Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and TOTAL) and five associated partners from the automotive industry (BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota und Volkswagen) joined forces to found H2 MOBILITY. Their common goal? To put in place the infrastructure to guarantee nationwide hydrogen-powered mobility in Germany. The action plan for H2MOBILITY envisages a Germany-wide network of up to 400 hydrogen fueling stations, which would make Germany the first country to offer an inter-regional network where fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) can fill up with hydrogen.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2018:
FCEV and Dispenser, App H2.LIVE, Ride & Drive (with Clean Energy Partnership)

Product categories:
Public awareness
Hydrogen infrastructure
Hydrogen mobility
Hydrogen sale
Public Forum
Topic: Wasserstoffmobilität in Deutschland – aktuelle Entwicklungen und Projekte
Dr. Klaus Bonhoff, Geschäftsführer (Sprecher), NOW GmbH
Lorenz Jung, Network Delivery Manager, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG
Oliver Gutt, Abteilungsleiter Produktmanagement, Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH
Thomas Bystry, Vorsitzender, Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), Projektleiter, Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH
Date: Monday, April 23, 11:00
Public Forum
Podium Discussion
Topic: Cross-industry approach building a hydrogen mobility
Markus Bachmeier, Head of Hydrogen Solutions, Linde AG
Oliver Gutt, Head of Product Management, Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH
Ferry M. M. Franz, Director, Toyota Motor Europe – Berlin Office
Manfred Becker, Global Hydrogen Operations Manager, Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH
Wolfgang Leder, Head of Network Fuel Product Management, Total Germany GmbH
Date: Tuesday, April 24, 14:00

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