IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V.
Venlo, Netherlands
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Company profile:
IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V. is a technology leader for tribological coatings. In the 1990s automotive suppliers started to use plasma coatings to reduce wear and friction in engine components. From the beginning, Hauzer cooperated with the leaders in the market to develop the most productive coating concepts with the best performance. Nowadays Hauzer Flexicoat equipment produces the best carbon and nitride-based protective films for many applications, including high volume bipolar plate coating.
Hauzer is part of the IHI group, a Japanese industrial group with significant R&D resources that operates through multiple business fields including: Energy and Resources, Social Infrastructure, Industrial Machinery and Aero Engines.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2018:
Equipment manufacturer for bipolar plate coating, coating and coating technology development

Product categories:
Components and supplying technology
Research and Development
Public Forum
Topic: Bipolar plate coating solutions – from pilot to high volume
Speaker: Dr. Roel Bosch, Manager New Business
Date: Wednesday, April 25, 10:40

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