McPhy Energy SA
La Motte-Fanjas, France Booth number
Company profile:
McPhy Energy is a leading developer of hydrogen-based solutions for industry, mobility and energy markets. As a specialist in storing hydrogen in solid form using metal hydrides, McPhy has developed extensive knowledge in the technology of producing hydrogen from water electrolysis (electrolyzers McLyzer®). With its unique expertise, McPhy offers solutions for the production and storage of low-pressure hydrogen for industrial and energy storage by combining electrolyzers with solid hydrogen storage McStore®. McPhy Energy also designs and manufactures flexible hydrogen solutions to achieve zero emission mobility, with a full range of Hydrogen Refueling Stations, McFilling®.
The Group has three production and engineering sites in France, Germany and Italy, a R&D laboratory in France and three sales subsidiaries in North America, the Asia-Pacific and the Russia-Eastern Europe-Central Asia regions.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2018:
Electrolyser mockup

Product categories:
Hydrogen generation (electrolysers, reformers)
Hydrogen storage and transport
Hydrogen refueling station
Technical Forum
Elevator Pitch
Topic: Electrolyser
Bertrand Amelot, EVP Sales and Marketing, McPhy Energy SA
Carsten Krause, Managing Director, AREVA H2Gen GmbH
Henrik Steen Pedersen, Executive Vice President, Sales & Partner Management, ApS
Nils Aldag, CCO, sunfire GmbH
Jacob Krogsgaard, Senior Vice President, Nel Hydrogen - Fueling
Vaitea Cowan, Marketing, Enapter
Date: Tuesday, April 24, 15:00
Technical Forum
Topic: Breakthrough innovation in water alkaline electrolysis and use in large 20/100 MW platform
Thijs de Groot, Innovation Technologist, AkzoNobel
Bertrand Amelot, EVP Sales and Marketing
Date: Wednesday, April 25, 14:00
Public Forum
Topic: Strategy to scale up and develop hydrogen market and technologies
Speaker: Pascal Mauberger, Chairman and CEO
Date: Wednesday, April 25, 14:40

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