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Dresden, Germany
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Sunfire is the recognised global leader in steam electrolysers and fuel cells. Our electrolysers offer a superior choice for renewable e-Fuel and e-Gas production and our fuel cells have been used globally for power and heat production.

Sunfire Electrolysers (SOEC) produce clean hydrogen or hydrocarbons from renewable electricity for industrial and chemical companies, refineries and mobility (e.g. cars, planes, trains). Hydrogen is the link between the electricity sector and chemical, mobility and heat sectors. When adding carbon dioxide, high quality hydrocarbons such as fuels and waxes can be produced (Power-to-X). Sunfire Fuel Cells (SOFC) provide decentralized electricity and heat for residential and commercial buildings, industrial companies and offgrid equipment in regions with harsh climatic conditions. Applying Sunfire solutions reduces operating costs, maintenance intervals, as well as CO2, pollutant, particulate and noise emissions.

Sunfire was named one of the world's ten most innovative energy companies and is a Global Cleantech 100 Company.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2018:

Product categories:
Supplying technology
Fuel cells, systems and applications - stationary
Steam-Electrolysers for Hydrogen Production
Fuel Cell Technology: Off-grid Power Generators, Residential and Commercial Power & Heat Generators
Technical Forum
Elevator Pitch
Topic: Electrolyser
Bertrand Amelot, EVP Sales and Marketing, McPhy Energy SA
Carsten Krause, Managing Director, AREVA H2Gen GmbH
Henrik Steen Pedersen, Executive Vice President, Sales & Partner Management, ApS
Nils Aldag, CCO, sunfire GmbH
Jacob Krogsgaard, Senior Vice President, Nel Hydrogen - Fueling
Vaitea Cowan, Marketing, Enapter
Date: Tuesday, April 24, 15:00
Public Forum
Topic: Green Hydrogen and CO2-neutral fuels
Speaker: Nils Aldag, Managing Director and Founder
Date: Wednesday, April 25, 10:20

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