Takaishi Industry Co.,Ltd.
Osaka, Japan
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Company profile:
We manufacture rubber packings, gaskets, O-rings, sealings, all made in Japan. Our products are mainly used for water-instruments, gas-instruments, for 69 years. We assist your development for R&D, make samples for your trial products, manufacture your mass products, all about rubber packings.
Now we are featuring about our study for Hydrogen-Resistance-Rubber, and introducing the progress. Hydrogen-Resistance-Rubber to be used in the hydrogen station, is currently being studied about EPDM rubber for -40℃ (-40°F)& 90MPa, FKM rubber for 150℃(302°F)&90MPa. O-rings made of EPDM have been applied in emergency breakaway coupling used in H2 dispenser of 70MPa hydrogen station. O-rings made of FKM have been applied in H2 compressor of 70MPa hydrogen station.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2018:
Hydrogen-Resistant EPDM (O-ring for H2 dispenser: -40°C / 90MPa), Hydrogen-Resistant FKM (O-ring for H2 compressor: 150°C / 90MPa)

Product category:
Components and supplying technology
Technical Forum
Topic: The O-ring materials for hydrogen stations' devices
Speaker: Hideyuki Takaishi, President
Date: Tuesday, April 24, 13:00

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