Hylium Industries, INC.
Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Company profile:
Hylium Industries, Inc. established in 2014 is a venture company spinning off from KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology). We have developed creative technologies on compact hydrogen liquefaction and ultra light liquid hydrogen storage through R & D programs supported by Korean government.
With our liquid hydrogen technologies, world's first mobile hydrogen refueling station (mHRS) has been successfully developed and demonstrated in 2018, collaborating with Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation Center and Hyundai Motor Company to proliferate hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
Hylium Industries, Inc. has also developed a fuel cell power pack for drones using liquid hydrogen. Thanks to higher energy density at liquid phase of hydrogen, the drones (UAV: Unmanned Areal Vehicle) can keep longer flight endurance compared with the existing Li-battery or power pack with high pressure hydrogen gas.
Furthermore, Hylium Industries, Inc. has proved its top liquefaction technology receiving the Russell B. Scott Memorial Award from the Cryogenic Engineering Conference, USA in 2015.
Hydrogen will be one of the most promising green energy sources in the future. Its utilization as a clean fuel is globally receiving much attention. I am confident that liquid hydrogen technology of Hylium Industries, Inc. will lead Hylium industries to the business leader in the field of hydrogen refueling stations as well as in the field of drone power packs.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2019:
Hydrogen liquefier, mobile hydrogen refueling station, LH2 tank, Lh2 drone

Product category:
Hydrogen compression and storage

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