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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Company profile:
The R&D activities of DECHEMA research institute (DFI) focus on joint projects with academia and industry in the fields of biotechnology, chemical engineering, electrochemistry and materials sciences. The centers of interest are related to the development of sustainable energy converters and storage devices, integrated chemical-biotechnological production, recovery of inorganic resources and innovative corrosion protection concepts. In the field of H2 technology, we are developing corrosion-resistant carbons & catalysts for PEMFC as well as protection layers for interconnectors in SOFC/SOEC applications.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2020:
Catalyst and carbon powders for PEMFC, interconnectors

Product categories:
Low-temperature fuel cells & electrolysis
High-temperature fuel cells & electrolysis
High-temperature co-electrolysis
Power to Gas
Redox flow battery
Zinc-ion, Al-Ion, Zn-air batteries
Accelerated degradation tests
Corrosion center
Metallography laboratory
Contract research