Helbio SA
Rio, Greece
Company profile:
HELBIO is a high-tech company, founded in 2001, based in Patras, Greece and is specialized in development, manufacturing and marketing of Hydrogen & Energy Production Systems.

The company possesses key expertise in:
• Catalysis: proprietary and patented reactor-catalyst configurations and efficient integration of hydrogen generation with fuel cells and
   six registered patents
• Reaction engineering
• Process Design
• System Integration and Control

Helbio range of Products consist of:
• CHP units (Combined Heat and Power) for utilizing commercially available fuel or bio fuels suitable for residential, remote cabins,
   telecom towers and sailing yachts as supplementary power generation (5-50 Kwel)
• High purity Hydrogen Generators suitable for Refueling Stations, Industrial applications and Power Plants (Industrial Hydrogen
   Generators 20-300Nm3/h H2)

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2020:
Helbio will be exhibiting a micro generating CHP unit, which is manufactured by the company. It's a 5KW multi-fuel system based on hydrogen and fuel cell technology meeting the needs of several markets for economical, efficient and green energy supply.

Product category:
Hydrogen generation (electrolysers, reformers)

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