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HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH
Berlin, Germany Booth number
Company profile:
We want our customers to decide where their energy comes from. We stand for sustainability and transparency and have developed a solution enabling our customers to enjoy exactly that. With us, owners of family homes are able to produce and store their energy locally, in order to meet their needs. This not only conserves resources but also reduces greenhouse gases and helps slow down climate change. By using all by-products of the process adequately, we harness every sunbeam with maximum efficiency.
HPS solutions support the expansion of renewable energies.
As part of the global energy community, we are convinced that the cross-linking of our solutions to larger energy storage networks will create a building block for the success of the renewable energy revolution.
Experienced. Passionate. Enthusiastic. These characteristics describe our team. We strive to change the world with our work.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2020:
Integrated systems for the storage and usage of solar energy

Product categories:
Fuel cells, systems and applications - stationary
Hydrogen generation (electrolysers, reformers)
Hydrogen compression and storage

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