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Umweltcampus Birkenfeld der Hochschule Trier
Trier, Germany Booth number
Company profile:
The Fuel Cell and Battery Centre at Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld develops components and entire systems in the field of direct alcohol fuel cells, redox-flow batteries and lithium ion batteries in close collaboration with partners.
Customized stacks, flow field plates, gas diffusion electrodes, lithium ion electrodes and pouch cells are made in-house.
A speciality of the Centre is in-situ diagnostics for a realistic assessment of components in working electrochemical cells. This includes: Impedance spectroscopy, resistivity measurements, direct optical access to fuel cells for water tracking and mechanical information, reference electrode designs for fuel cells and lithium ion batteries etc. Please ask!
The available support also includes power control and wireless monitoring (using GSM and LORA standards).
In-house prototyping of mechanical components is done by 3D printing and CNC machining (for example for custom designed graphite flow field plates). Small quantities of electronics PCBs can also be manufactured using prototyping.
The Centre is open for direct collaboration with development partners, as a partner in publicly funded projects, or as technology consultants.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2020:
Examples of customized fuel cells, Fuel cell and battery components, Photometric Sensor for State-of-Charge measurments in VRFB, Fuel cell designs with reference electrode, Lithium-ion pouch cells with reference electrode

Product category:
Research and development

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