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Chungnam Techno Park
Cheonan-City, Chungnam, Korea,
Company profile:
National Innovation Convergence Integration Complex:
The national innovation convergence and integration complex project as a government project that the present government mainly pushes forward aims at establishing a new drive factor of the country by selecting and promoting core industries by region. Chungnam Techno-Park is in charge of - the Chungnam national innovation convergence and integration complex project. By selecting "Hydrogen-electric vehicle and hydrogen-based industry" as a development target industry for the national convergence and integration complex and appointing a specific area(10 industrial complexes including Naepo, Dangjin, and Budget), Chungnam is promoting many projects such as innovative projects, global cooperation, investment promotion, etc. The promotion strategy for the development of hydrogen-based industries is planned to be promoted by phase; Phase 1. Expansion of components of the hydrogen-electric vehicle and hydrogen supply infrastructure, Phase 2. Establishment of a complete hydrogen eco-system by promoting actual projects and Phase 3. Conversion to the hydrogen-based economy through an expansion of the hydrogen-based infrastructure. As an R&D project of the Chungnam national innovation convergence and integration complex project, the technology development assignment is in progress to remodel and produce trucks with a current internal combustion engine to large hydrogen-electric trucks. And this project is also planned to be promoted by phase; Phase 1. Development of remodeling and system optimization technology of large hydrogen-electric trucks, Phase 2. Demonstration inside and outside of Korea of hydrogen-based transportation using large hydrogen-electric trucks and Phase 3. Performance improvement, assurance of durability, etc. In addition, in order to attract investments from major corporations into the national innovation convergence and integration complex, Chungnam provides various supports such as subsidies, tax benefits, financial support, etc.

Chungnam Hydrogen-society:
The following is the hydrogen-based economy policy that Chungnam is carrying forward. By investing KRW 70.8 billion into development of hydrogen-electric vehicles, we are in the middle of building a hydrogen-related component evaluation and analysis center where device technology development, demonstration and other R&D works can be implemented, and By appointing 'National innovative cluster of hydrogen-related industry' areas starting from Naepo new town where Chungnam provincial government is located, Chungnam is trying to establish a Mecca of the hydrogen-related industries. In addition, in order to lead the distribution of the hydrogen energy, we are promoting a package type hydrogen fueling station verification project, pilot project of the hydrogen bus and other projects. Also, Chungnam is building a by-product hydrogen fuel cell station with 50MW capacity which is the biggest station in the world and a fuel cell station with 60MW capacity by utilizing a city gas infrastructure in Naepo. By reflecting such regional conditions, a hydrogen-based economy implementation plan suitable for the Chungnam region has been set up recently.
For promoting Chungnam as an innovative center in taking off for a hydrogen-based economy leading country, it is planned to supply 496,000 of hydrogen-electric vehicles by 2040, and with the aim to have 30% share of the national hydrogen supply, 5 promotion strategies are established; 'build a hub for the hydrogen supply in metropolitan areas to realize the hydrogen-based economy' promotes a global cluster of hydrogen-electric vehicle components â–³ expand an infrastructure for acceleration of the hydrogen-based economy â–³ spread a demonstration of commercialization of the hydrogen technology â–³ train professional human resources specialized in the hydrogen. Chungnam will lead the hydrogen-based economy of Korea by implementing the promotion strategies listed above.

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