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DTU Energy - Department of Energy Conversion and Storage at Technical University of Denmark
Lyngby, Denmark
Company profile:
In a sustainable energy system, a large part of the energy will be supplied by fluctuating sources such as solar and wind power. This makes it critically important to be able to convert and store the energy as needed. At DTU Energy we work on fuel cells, electrolysis, solar cells, batteries, magnetic refrigeration and other sustainable energy technologies. Extensive research activities in the area of fuel cells and electrolysis cover solid oxide cells (SOFC & SOEC), high temperature PEM, and alkaline electrolysis.
DTU Energy provides access to advanced testing and demonstration of components and systems, training and consultancy to the industry within the fuel cell and hydrogen technologies through its FCH Test Center.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2021:
Testing cells, stacks, components; fuel cells, electrolysis and batteries

Product categories:
Testing and diagnostics
Fuel Cells
Hydrogen generation (electrolysers, reformers)

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