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Midsun Specialty Products
Berlin, CT, USA
Company profile:
Midsun Specialty Products, Inc. (MSP) has been a provider of silicone and specialty products to industries across the globe since 2000. Originating in electric utility solutions, MSP is launching it's latest product into hydrogen generation, processing, storage, and transmission markets using joint technology from MSP and Boulder, CO based Element One. Their latest product, called DetecTape™, aims to alleviate concerns with hydrogen leaks by providing a low cost and easy to install indicator that changes color when a concentrated hydrogen leak is detected. This localized detection technology is intended to expedite maintenance repair and help reduce safety hazards in hydrogen related facilities. DetecTape™ is now available for trial and procurement. More information on MSP and DetecTape™ is available at

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2021:

Product category:
Testing and diagnostics

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