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EnergieAgentur.NRW GmbH
Düsseldorf, Germany
Company profile:
The EnergyAgency.NRW has been working on behalf of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia since 1990 as an operative platform with a wide range of competencies in the energy domain: from energy research, technical development, demonstration and market launch through to initial energy consulting and occupational further training. The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Electromobility Network is one of ten EnergyAgency.NRW networks. Since March 2017, it has been continuing the work of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen NRW Network, which was launched in 2000, along with the activities of the NRW Electromobility Model Region project office, which have been ongoing since 2009. More than 480 members and over 120 project partners from industry and science in the NRW Electromobility Model Region are already actively involved in the Network and use its numerous services. The main focus of the Network's activities is on launching and technically supporting cooperation projects. To establish a professional exchange between its members, the Network has set up various expert groups on topics such as "H2 system", "Power-to-gas", "Market launch";, "H2 for public transport" and "E-mobility". The experts meet regularly to discuss specific issues in detail. To encourage young scientists, the Network has been organizing the FUELCELLBOX school competition with around 200 teams from all over North Rhine-Westphalia for several years. There is also the Hydrogen.NRW Research Prize awarded together with the EnergyResearch.NRW cluster, which is intended to encourage young academics to integrate the key topics of the NRW Progress Research Strategy into their final theses and thus support the development of NRW as a research location.
The Network has helped make North Rhine-Westphalia one of the leading fuel cell locations in Europe. It is a member of the European Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells and Electromobility in European Regions (HyER). Major fuel cell companies such as Hydrogenics (Canada) and Ceramic Fuel Cells (Australia, nowSOLIDpower) have set up business in North Rhine-Westphalia. Foreign manufacturers of fuel cell and hydrogen systems including the Japanese company Asahi Kasei have their technologies tested by NRW companies and institutes to ensure compliance with European requirements.

Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2021:
Hydrogen/fuel cells: network services

Product category:
Public awareness

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