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Interview with Tobias Renz  
January 24, 2013
1. You have been organizing the Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells at HANNOVER MESSE for many years now. What are the latest developments?
This year we expect 150 exhibitors from 25 countries on a total exhibition space of 5 000m², over 20 companies will participate at the Group Exhibit for the first time. Various trade fair topics of HANNOVER MESSE 2013, such as Wind, MobiliTec and Hydrogen + Fuel cells become more and more mutually supplementing. It has become almost impossible to separate these fields.

2. What makes the Group Exhibit so special?
Our exhibitor structure is very diversified, starting from SMEs and research institutions and up to the international corporations. Three lounge areas and our daily Networking Evenings ensure productive communication between the exhibitors and visitors. High ranking representatives of politics and of the business world attend the Group Exhibit each year. Well established since 1995, the Group Exhibit is Europe’s largest trade fair platform for hydrogen and fuel cells.

3. Which role can the hydrogen generation play in the energy transition period?
In the times of the energy transition, the proportion of fluctuating electricity from solar and wind power is constantly growing. Excess energy can be used to generate hydrogen which thus serves as an energy carrier. Over ten exhibitors of the Group Exhibit will demonstrate electrolysers that are used to produce hydrogen. Once generated, the hydrogen can then be either fed into the gas pipelines ("Power to gas") or – when needed – transformed back into electricity using gas turbines or fuel cells. A possibilitiy to store large amounts of energy in the future could be accumulating high volumes of hydrogen in salt caverns.

4. Which topics are in the focus of the Group Exhibit in 2013?
As mentioned, hydrogen generation and energy storage are one key issue. A further one is decentralized heat and power generation directly in the private households. At the pavilion of the German organization Initiative Brennstoffzelle (IBZ), Oldenburg energy utilities and heating appliance manufacturers will jointly showcase several fuel cell heatiers with cogeneration output of up to 1 kW of electricity and 2 kW of heat.

5. What is the highlight of the Group Exhibit?
The 15.000 m² Ride & Drive open air site offers everyone a chance to test-drive fuel cell cars of world’s leading OEMs. A mobile fueling station will supply hydrogen, vehicle refueling process will be demonstrated daily.

6. What other options are there for the visitors to find out more about hydrogen and fuel cells?
The Group Exhibit has two forums. In the Public Forum we hold moderated interviews, in the Technical Forum exhibitors and experts make presentations of their products or projects using PowerPoint charts. All visitors of HANNOVER MESSE are invited to attend the interviews and presentations completely free of charge.

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