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Storage of renewable energies – the basis for the turnaround in energy policy
Germany premiere of the Toyota Mirai
Berlin, April 13, 2015
Press conference (held in German):
April 13, 11:00 - 12:00, Halle 27, C 66, Public Forum
Wasserstoff + Brennstoffzellen in der Phase der Markteinführung

A focus point of the Group Exhibit will be the storage of renewable energies produced by wind and photovoltaic. Since the beginning of the turnaround in energy policy the amount of produced fluctuating energy from photovoltaic and wind systems increased. Resulting excess energy can be stored directly in batteries or can be used to produce hydrogen, which then can be stored. 150 exhibitors from 24 countries will present themselves on 5.000 m² in hall 27, C 66.

Hydrogen as an energy carrier
Renewable energy can be used to produce hydrogen which thus serves as an energy carrier. The process for the hydrogen production is known as electrolysis. Through electrical energy water is split into hydrogen and oxygen.
ITM Power, Sheffield UK (B 66) will be launching at the Group Exhibit an enhanced product range based on a higher current density that produces 50% more hydrogen for the same stack volume.

Mass production - the key to success
Siemens AG, Division Digital Factory, Factory Automation, Nürnberg (B 74) will be showing automation solutions for the fuel cell and battery production.

Fuel cells for power generation and back-up applications
The 500 W direct methanol fuel cell by SFC Energy AG, Brunnthal (B 70) provides fully automatic and unattended electricity for off-grid and back-up applications. The fuel cell is connected to batteries and continuously monitors the charge. As soon as the charge falls below a defined threshold, the fuel cell automatically switches to operating mode and charges the batteries again. The fuel cell is operated by a 28l methanol filled fuel cartridge. Depending on the application it provides a month-long off-grid power supply maintenance-free. SFC Energy AG, Brunnthal already sold 33,000 fuel cells in the fields of security & surveillance, as well as in the consumer and oil & gas market.

Stationary fuel cells on the way to the market
With the launch of the first fuel cell the heater industry takes a big step towards more efficient and climate-friendly energy supply in the house. Practical tests pave the way to a wide range of products from many manufacturers. At the booth of Initiative Brennstoffzelle IBZ (German fuel cell initiative), Oldenburg (E 51) numerous fuel cell units for domestic energy supply can be seen. The resulting heat from the electricity production of the device is used for heating and for hot water processing. The prerequisite is a natural gas connection. An integrated reformer takes the hydrogen necessary from the natural gas.

Hydrogen mobility you can touch
At the booth of NOW GmbH, Berlin (B 56) and the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), Berlin, Daimler presents a model to demonstrate the current state of development of its fuel cell drive. The system is so compact that it can be housed in the engine compartment of a conventional vehicle. Visitors can simulate a hydrogen refueling on the Daimler-model on-site at the booth.

Two Germany premieres - the CEP presents:
The Toyota Mirai and the Volkswagen Passat US fuel cell cars

At the Ride & Drive Area, east of Hall 27, the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) shows to the visitors for the first time in Germany a pre-production model of the Toyota Mirai. The Toyota Mirai is available in Japan since December 2014, and will be launched in Germany in September 2015. Volkswagen shows its fuel cell version of the US Passat as another Germany premiere.

Fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fueling on site
On a 15.000 m² Ride + Drive outdoor area interested visitors can test drive fuel cell vehicles. The Clean Energy Partnership CEP will provide following vehicles: Honda FCX Clarity, Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, Mercedes-Benz B-Klasse F-CELL, Toyota FCHV-adv and the Volkswagen US Passat. The vehicles will be fueled on site daily (11:00, 14:00, 17:00) at the mobile hydrogen filling station of Linde.

Information on-site in two forums
Visitors have the possibility to inform themselves on-site in two forum areas within the Group Exhibit in hall 27, at the Public (C 66) and the Technical Forum (B 38). The moderated interviews and presentations will additionally be live streamed online and will also be available after the show on our website
The Group Exhibit is located in hall 27 directly next to the MobiliTec, the international leading trade fair for hybrid and electric powertrain technology, mobile energy storage and alternative mobility solutions.

Contact Person:
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