Forum Program of Hydrogen + Fuel Cells NORTH AMERICA at SPI 2018
All attendees of SPI 2018 are invited to visit the forum of Hydrogen + Fuel Cells NORTH AMERICA. Our exhibitors and guests will inform about their latest products and developments either in a moderated interview or technical presentation. The forum program also features panel discussions connecting the solar and H2+FC industry.

Location: Inside the exhibition hall of SPI 2018.
Participation costs: Free of charge for all attendees of SPI 2018 (conference attendees and expo hall only visitors)

Exhibitor Interview Exhibitor Interview        PPT Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
  Tuesday, September 25
Expo Hall open: 10:00 - 18:00
Each slot is 12min + Q / A
  Wednesday, September 26
Expo Hall open: 9:00 - 18:00
Each slot is 12min + Q / A
  Thursday, September 27
Expo Hall open: 9:00 - 14:00
Each slot is 12min + Q / A
09:20 Exhibit Hall closed  
DiscussionPanel Discussion
Ditch the Diesel – 1:1 Replacement by Medium- and Heavy-duty FCEVs
Moderator: Dr. Matt Miyasato,
Deputy Executive Officer for Science & Technology Advancement
South Coast Air Quality Management District
Jesse Schneider,
Executive Vice President,
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technologies

Bullet Nikola Motors
Bjørn Simonsen, Vice President
Market Development & Public Relations

Bullet Nel Hydrogen
Craig Scott,
National Manager / Director, Advanced Technologies Group
Bullet Toyota Motor Sales, USA

PowerpointTechnical Session: Safety Codes and Standards
Jennifer Hamilton, Safety, Education, Codes and Standards Program Manager
Bullet Frontier Energy, Inc.
Nick Barilo,
Hydrogen Safety Program Manager
Bullet Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
DiscussionOpening of the Forum Program
Hydrogen + Fuel Cells

PowerpointTurning Prototypes into Products
George Roberts, President
TechScale Solutions, LLC
DiscussionPanel Discussion
eHydrogen – Solar + Hydrogen for Energy Storage, Grid Management and Renewable Hydrogen Production

Moderator: Dr. Jeff Reed, 
Chief Scientist, Renewable Fuels and Energy Storage, Advanced Power and Energy Program, UC Irvine
Tom Starrs, Vice President,
Market Strategy and Policy

Bullet SunPower Corp.
Steve Jones,
Managing Director, California

Bullet ITM Power Inc.
Michel Archambault,
Director of Business Development

Bullet Hydrogenics
PowerpointHigh-pressure hydrogen compressors
Todd Sturdevant
Andreas Hofer
DiscussionImproving Air Quality in the Ports and Goods Movement Sectors: the Transition to Zero Emission Equipment
Moderator: Jeff Serfass, Executive Director California Hydrogen Business Council
Cory Shumaker, Development Specialist
Bullet California Hydrogen Business Council
Tim Sasseen, Business Development Manager, California
Bullet Ballard Power Systems
10:40 PowerpointO-ring materials for hydrogen
stations' devices

Hideyuki Takaishi, President
Takaishi Industry
DiscussionPanel Discussion
"The Other" Renewable Hydrogen Solutions
Moderator: Dr. Jack Brouwer, Director,
National Fuel Cell Research Center
Paul Fukumoto, Director, Business Development Advanced Technologies
Bullet FuelCell Energy
Ron Kent, Advanced Technologies, Strategy & Development
Bullet Southern California Gas Company

DiscussionPanel Discussion
Renewables Fueling Public Transport
Moderator: Jeff Serfass, Executive Director California Hydrogen Business Council
Tommy Edwards, Chief Operating Officer
Bullet SunLine Transit Agency
Tim Sasseen, Business Development Manager, California
Bullet Ballard Power Systems
Ryan Sookhoo Director New Initiatives
Bullet Hydrogenics

DiscussionElectrolyser Elevator Pitch
(5min each + Discussion)
Moderation: Brian Poole
Vaitea Cowan,
Head of Marketing, Communication
Bullet Enapter
Rob DelCore, Director, Fuel Cell Power Systems & Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure
Bullet Hydrogenics
Stephen Szymanski,
Director, Business Development
Bullet Nel Hydrogen
Matthias Volk,
Project Manager
Hector Maza,
VP, Global Business Development
Bullet Giner ELX 
Steve Jones,
Managing Director, California

Bullet ITM Power Inc.
11:40 PowerpointThe Case for Heavy Duty Fuel Cell, Class 8 Trucks and H2@Scale
Jesse Schneider,
Executive Vice President
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technologies

Nikola Motors
PowerpointContinuous coated stainless steel for bipolar plates in PEM
Josep Bea, Export Manager
12:00 PowerpointHeavy Duty Fueling Solutions &
The Need For Scaling Up

Bjørn Simonsen, Vice President
Market Development & Public Relations

Nel Hydrogen  
PowerpointElectrochemical hydrogen compression coming to age
Rombout Swanborn, CEO
HyET Hydrogen / HyET Solar
12:20 PowerpointElectroScalable Ultrasonic Spray Coating for Fuel Cell Manufacturing
Brian Booth, Director, Electronics & Advanced Energy Division
DiscussionHydrogen as key to sector coupling
Heinrich Gärtner, CTO
PowerpointGerman energy transition -
business opportunities for hydrogen

Claus Habermeier, Director, New York
Germany Trade and Invest
12:40 PowerpointContinental Valves for Fuel Cell Systems
Mark Cronmiller,
Product Manager,
Sensors and Actuators

Continental Automotive 
PowerpointForming, cutting, welding:
From prototyping to customized production equipment for metal microstructure plates

Steve Tesanovich, President
Graebener Inc.
DiscussionPanel Discussion
Batteries and Fuel Cells – Complementary or Competing Capabilities?
Moderator: Jean Baronas,
Hydrogen Unit Supervisor,
California Energy Commission
Dr. David Edwards,
Director and Advocate for Hydrogen Energy
Bullet Air Liquide
Stephen Ellis,
Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicle Marketing

Bullet American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Jacquelyn Birdsall,
Senior Engineer

Bullet Toyota North America
Gil Castillo, Senior Group Manager, Alternative Vehicle Strategy
Bullet Hyundai Motor America
DiscussionPanel Discussion
Fuel Cells for Distributed Energy and Utility Generation
Moderator: Katrina Fritz,
Executive Director, California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative
Derek Hildreth,
Business Development Director

Bullet Doosan Fuel Cell America
Paul Fukumoto, Director, Business Development Advanced Technologies
Bullet FuelCell Energy
Erin Grizard, Senior Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs
Bullet Bloom Energy Corporation

DiscussionPanel Discussion
Global Perspectives on Ramping up Hydrogen Markets
Moderator: Monterey Gardiner,
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Liaison and Homologation,
BMW Group
Jeff Allen, Director of Marketing and Business Development
Bullet NICE America Research, Inc.
Bullet NN
Bullet NN

13:40 DiscussionDecentralized and Flexible Hydrogen for Complete Energy Independence and Security
Jan-Justus Schmidt, Head of Operations
PowerpointBreakthrough Technology:
Onsite Hydrogen Production
Johnpaul Quick, CEO
Bullet H2Go
Wade Rosensteel,
Lead Project Engineer

Bullet H2Go

PowerpointSimpleFuel™: Good Things Come in Small Packages
Jim Petrecky, Director, Hydrogen Energy, North America and Europe
PDC Machines
14:20 DiscussionHydrogen storage tanks
Rick Rashilla,
Vice President, Hydrogen Automotive

Hexagon Composites
DiscussionHigh-pressure hydrogen compressors and generators
Christopher Allen,
Business Development

RIX Industries
14:40 PowerpointCommon Sense Pathway to a Hydrogen Economy
Stephen Szymanski, Director of Business Development Projects and Government
Nel Hydrogen
DiscussionHydrogen Production and Sourcing
David Fernandes,
Business Development Manager,
Hydrogen Energy

Air Liquide

DiscussionPanel Discussion
California's Policy Environment -
Is it creating Opportunities?

Moderator: Gia Brazil Vacin,
Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Infrastructure Project Manager,
California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development
Naveen Berry,
Technology Demonstration Manager

Bullet South Coast Air Quality Management District
Jean Baronas,
Hydrogen Unit Supervisor
Bullet California Energy Commission
Dr. Andrew Martinez,
Air Resources Engineer
Bullet California Air Resources Board

DiscussionPanel Discussion
Scaling up Hydrogen
Moderator: Naveen Berry, Technology Demonstration Manager, South Coast Air Quality Management District
Bill Elrick, Executive Director
Bullet California Fuel Cell Partnership
Aaron Harris, Technical Director for
Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy

Bullet Air Liquide Advanced Business and Technologies
Keith Wipke,
Laboratory Program Manager, Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies
Bullet National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


15:40 DiscussionLarge Scale PEM Electrolysis for renewable hydrogen production and grid services
Michel Archambault,
Director of Business Development

PowerpointThinking commercial scale - hydrogen distribution in an oil (LOHC)
Dominik Herzog,
Senior Business Development Manager

Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH
DiscussionUpdate on hydrogen and fuel cell activities in Canada
PowerpointFactory of the future for metal bipolar plates and interconnects
Dr. Joachim Kroemer,
Manager Marketing and Sales

Borit NV
16:20 DiscussionObtaining Parity with Fossil Fuels
Hector Maza,
VP, Global Business Development

Giner ELX
PowerpointConcepts for bi-polar plate coatings
Geert-Jan Fransen, Product Manager
IHI Hauzer Techno Coating